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Logan was a member of the X-Men whose past in shrouded in mystery. What little that is known is that he was very old, having been around before WWII.[3] As many of Wolverine's memories were false implants, it is difficult to discern truth from fiction in terms of his past.[4]

He was in love with Jean Grey who was dating[5] and later married to Cyclops.[6] This and Cyclops' decision to leave Morph behind[7] made Logan hostile toward him.[8] He was one of the key X-Men having almost no life outside of them and was one of the most frequently available team members. He (and sometimes the X-Men) came into conflict with enemies he has made over his long life span such as Omega Red,[9] Lady Deathstrike,[10] and Sabertooth.[11]


Logan spent time in Japan, where he became romantically entagled with Yuriko Oyama, the daughter of a professor who designed a process allowing Adamantium to be bonded to a human. Logan was called away to Canada on a mission, which turned out to be a trap set by Weapon X.[12]

Department H and Alpha Flight

Logan was captured and experimented on by Weapon X, who granted him his adamantium skeleton. After the procedure, Logan escaped and destroyed the lab. He wandered the Canadian wilderness half-crazed until he was found by Heather Douglas and James Hudson. The two nursed him back to health and brought him to Department H, an arm of the Canadian government that fielded Alpha Flight, a team of Canadian superheroes. Logan joined the team, and assumed the codename "Wolverine". He eventually left, when he realized that Alpha Flight merely wanted to use him as a weapon. [13]

At some point, Logan returned the home he had shared with Yuriko in Japan, only to find her gone without a trace. [12]


At some point, Wolverine joined the X-Men. Professor Xavier used his telepathic powers to help Wolverine control his berserker rage, and he became close to Morph and developed a romantic interest in Jean Grey, the girlfriend and later wife of team-leader Cyclops, with whom he frequently clashed due to Wolverine's rebellious nature.

After the X-Men took in the young mutant Jubilee and learned that the Mutant Control Agency was turning over its registered mutants to the mutant-hunting Sentinels, Wolverine and the other X-Men broke into the agency's compound to destroy their records. The mission was a success, but Morph was seemingly killed and Beast captured. Wolverine tried to immediately go back for them, but as the team was being overwhelmed by Sentinels, Cyclops gave the order to retreat. Back at the school, a furious Wolverine lashed out against Cyclops, blaming him for the loss of Morph and Beast, before storming out. The pair set aside their differences however, as Cyclops proposed an assault on the Sentinels' base, giving Wolverine a chance to avenge Morph. [7]

When Xavier took in Wolverine's old arch nemesis Sabretooth, who had been injured while storming Beast's trial, Wolverine attempted to get rid of him, believing that Sabretooth was too dangerous to keep around. Xavier and the other X-Men stopped him, but Wolverine was proved right, as it was revealed that Sabretooth had infiltrated the X-Men's headquarters on behalf of Xavier's old enemy Magneto. While the X-Men were fighting Magneto, Sabretooth had tricked Jubilee into freeing him, and nearly killed her, before Wolverine intervened. Sabretooth grievously wounded him in the resulting battle, before fleeing. [11]

Struggling with his unrequited feelings for Jean, Wolverine suddenly left the X-Men, travelling to the Arctic Circle. He was ambushed by Sabretooth, who nearly succeeded in killing him, but he was saved by a tribe of Inuit fishermen. The Inuits took Wolverine in, and gave him a brief time of peace, before Sabretooth tracked him down, kidnapped the villagers and burned down the village. He strapped them to a brittle ice bridge and planted bombs with 1 minute timers, forcing Wolverine to fight him. While initially tired of the endless cycle of violence between him and Sabretooth, Wolverine was had no choice but to fight him, and managed to force him off a cliff, into a ravine. The villagers were saved, and Wolverine returned to the X-Men. [8]

Return of Morph and Alpha Flight

When Morph was revealed the be alive and returned to exact revenge on the X-Men, Wolverine was especially distraught. After Morph broke the conditioning he had endured at the hands of Mister Sinister and fled, Wolverine vowed to find him and bring him home. He tracked him deep into the jungle, and the two fought. Morph gained the upper hand but fled, telling Wolverine he needed to work out his issues on his own. Wolverine vowed to be there for his friend if he ever needed him. [14]

Wolverine returned to Canada after he was contacted by Heather. This turned out to be a trap however, as he found Alpha Flight waiting for him. They knocked him out and brought him to a Department H lab. Department H wanted to deduce why Wolverine had survived the adamantium bonding process, in order to replicate it. Heather had been put in charge of the experiments, but when the head of Department H ordered her to remove Wolverine's skeleton, she quit. The rest of Alpha Flight, barring Vindicator, had been kept in the dark regarding the true purpose of their mission, believing they had captured Wolverine simply so that he could re-join the team. When they learned the truth, they helped free Wolverine. Wolverine left, warning them never to come looking for him, for any reason, again. [13]

Reunited with Yuriko

While investigating a disturbance in the Morlock tunnels, Wolverine came upon Yuriko, now going by Lady Deathstrike, and her Reavers. Deathstrike blamed Wolverine for her father's death and had sworn to kill him, turning herself into a cyborg. Deathstrike and the Reavers had been drawn to the tunnels by an alien ship they wished to plunder, but the ship was revealed to contain a "Soul Feeder", an alien being capable of consuming the souls of others. After Deathstrike's men and Jubilee were taken by the creature, the two former lovers found themselves fighting side by side. Yuriko was eventually taken by the creature as well, but with aid from the X-Men, Wolverine managed to defeat it, freeing all the souls it had consumed. Yuriko departed, saying she owed him her life but that it changed nothing between them. [12] [15]

He was present at the wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey and warned Scott not to hurt Jean or he will come for him.[6]

Logan while visiting the grave of a suspected war criminal remembe red a mission during World War 2 with Captain America to save the war criminal who betrayed them to the Red Skull. He was visited at the grave by his daughter who revealed to Logan that he was a double agent working for the Allied Forces. After hearing this, Logan used his adamantium claws to en scroll "Hero" on his gravestone. He then when to dinner to a local bistro with the daughter to celebrate her father's life.[3]

He was also present when Professor Xavier was taken by Lilandra to heal him.[16]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the James Howlett of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the James Howlett of Earth-616.


  • Wolverine appearances in the 1990's X-Men: The Animated Series, was voiced by Cathal J. Dodd, who portrayed it as particularly raspy.


  • Like his counterpart from Earth-8107, this version of Wolverine wears the yellow and blue "Tigerstripe" costume from the comics.
  • Dodd also provided Wolverine's voice in the Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games until the year 2000 with Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

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