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A little girl named Po talks about how her father, a pilot, flew them from "here" to "there".. Only they never made it to "there"....

Meanwhile, Wolverine is flying across the mountains of New Mexico in a vintage airplane. Suddenly, the aircraft begins to stall and the radio cuts out and he is forced to crash-land in the snow-covered mountains. Half-naked and with no supplies, Logan figures getting off this mountain alive will be hard work. He is surprised when he is approached by the girl named Po. She asks for Logan's help rescuing her father, telling him her plane crashed underwater. Wolverine has trouble deciding if this girl is real or a hallucination brought on by the cold. He questions the validity of the girl's story and when he doubts it enough she slips away. Logan briefly considers the idea that he could be dealing with a mutant with psychic powers. But suddenly, Poe reappears right before him. She then insists that Logan help his father, telling him that her uncle is also nearby and can help. Wolverine is exhausted by the girls constant demands and resigns to go alone, even if that means a rescue team can't find him.

Along the way, Logan asks the girl to tell him more about herself and her family. She explains that her father is a pilot who flies vintage planes, while her uncle is very smart. Po goes on to say that her talent is being able to talk to dead things. Although her father found it creepy, she liked it and found that dead things told her secrets. One day, her father was going on a flight and was taking Poe with him. Her uncle warned her not to play with the controls and if anything went wrong to press the button on her seatbelt so she could get out. However, Poe became crabby and played with the controls in midflight, causing them to crash in the lake. She pressed the button on her seatbelt and swam to the surface to get help for her father who is still holding his breath, as far as she knows, at the bottom of the lake. Later, Wolverine is carrying Poe as he scales the side of a mountain using his claws, growing more and more weary of the little girl's constant talking. When she asks Logan if they are going to make it in time to save her father, Wolverine tells her that he's trying.

Along the way, Po asks Logan what he is good at and he says maiming and killing. When she asks him if he every killed anyone who didn't deserve it. He doesn't think so, but he hopes he hasn't. That's when Po says she has been a bad person. She blames herself for her father's situation but Logan assures her it was an accident. Soon they come to a hole in the ground where Po says her uncle is located. When Logan bends over to look down the hole, Po pushes him down into it. Po soon joins him and they find her "uncle", who turns out to be the Hulk. Po explains how her uncle can't see him and asks Logan to calm him down so they can help save her father. Logan tries, but the Hulk is upset by Wolverine's intrusion and is confused by the fact that the feral mutant appears to be talking to thin air. The Hulk then lands a blow that sends Wolverine flying 20 feet. When Logan tries to retaliate with his claws, Po begs him not to use them. Resigning to do the girl's bidding, Logan leaps at the Hulk beats Logan into submission.

Not willing to beat on an opponent who is already down, the Hulk bellows at Logan to get up. Po suggests that Logan distract the Hulk with a sparkler he found in the first aid kit. He tries, but as soon as it fizzles out the Hulk strikes him again. Put into a rage, Wolverine decides that enough is enough and decides to fight the Hulk. Po once more tells Logan that they need to calm down her uncle so he can help. Logan considers the idea of trying to calm the Hulk down and realizes that he's screwed.


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