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A young girl named Poe has enlisted the aid of Wolverine and the Hulk to try and help her father who she says is trapped in the bottom of a lake after their plan has crashed. While Wolverine has grudgingly accepted this rescue mission the Hulk, on the other hand, is confused because he cannot see Poe and views Logan's arrival in his secret hiding place as an intrusion and is not happy about it. Cornered in the back of the cave, Logan promises Poe not to use his claws on the Hulk, but needs to get clear, so he uses them to dig themselves out. However, this gets the Hulk angry and he attacks Wolverine. As Wolverine runs off he notices that Poe has pulled her disappearing act again. Logan doubles back to his crashed plane, but the Hulk manages to follow him all the way there. It's while he is hiding inside his crashed plane, Wolverine notices that Poe is somehow inside him. His movements alert the Hulk to his location and the brute slams into the wreckage. It sends the two men sliding down a steep slope.

Having had enough, Wolverine decides to use his claws to defend himself against the Hulk. The two tussle as they are sliding down the side of the mountain. However, as the wreckage stops at the bottom of the hill. Poe reappears and tells Logan she was inside him to keep his ribs from poking into his lungs. As they are talking, the Hulk reverts back to into Bruce Banner. However, as Logan tries to explain why he as sought Banner out. However, Poe points out that they are on the edge of a cliff and as soon as she does they all fall down. As they fall toward a lake at the bottom of the mountain, Logan assures Poe that nobody is going to die. They manage to pull themselves out of the water, but Bruce Banner has changed into the Hulk again. Needing something to calm the Hulk down, Logan suggests that Poe sing a song to try and calm the Hulk. Surprisingly, the Hulk actually hears this music and this frustrates him. As the Hulk rages, Logan tries to reach Bruce Banner telling him that someone needs their help.

It doesn't work to calm the Hulk at all and he continues to pound on Wolverine. With his body taking more of a beating than his healing factor can handle, Logan asks Poe if she has anything to do to stop the Hulk she do it now. Poe is able to affect the equilibrium of the Hulk calling him to collapse to the ground. Hulk is furious that Poe didn't use this ability earlier. As they drag the Hulk toward the lake where the plane crash, Poe begins to confess that the plane crashed because she pushed the buttons on the control and starts to cry. When they finally get down to the bottom of the mountain, Poe points out the lake where her father had drowned. However, the lake has long since dried out, but Poe still insists that her father is down there and might be drowning. Exhausted Logan suggests that they look for her father in the morning, assuring her that he can hold his breath for a long time. Poe, however, is not very optimistic but goes to sleep anyway.

That night, Wolverine dreams, about his teammate Rogue. She asks him why he is doing this, and he explains that while her father is most likely dead, the girl might still be alive. Suddenly, Poe appears in his dream and insists that her father is still alive. Suddenly, they are in a plane crashing into the water. Poe tries to show Logan that she can breath under water but drowns instead. Logan wakes up to find Poe safe and sound, however, he also finds that Bruce Banner is back to human form and awake. He asks Logan what he was talking about regarding the strap.


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