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  • Previous Empty Poe (Last appearance)

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  • Herny (Corpse)




Synopsis for "Part 4"

Wolverine and the Hulk have been enlisted by the ghost of a dead girl named Po to rescued her and her father from the bottom of a lake. The two heroes arrived to find the lake had dried out and now begin digging for the remains of the plane crash that took the life of Po and her father Henry. As the two dig, Po asks how they know where to look, which grates on the Hulk because he hates it when the girl makes sense. Wolverine, however, thinks none of this makes sense especially since Po thinks that they are digging through mud while underwater when they clearly are not. The longer this takes the more impatient Po becomes and the more she gets on the nerves of the Hulk and Logan. Eventually, Logan gets fed up and tries to tell the girl that her father is dead, but then he his claws hit something made of metal.

The pair uncover the rear end of the plane and when they get the tail section exposed, the Hulk tries to pull the rest of the plane out. However, the back end snaps off, and the Hulk becomes annoyed, partially because seeing this plane makes some of Bruce Banner's feelings of loss bubble up inside. The Hulk then decides to try and pick a fight with Wolverine, but Po stops him by singing, which the Hulk hates. The Hulk gets fed up and claps his hands together, which clears off the rest of the plane. In the cockpit they see the skeletons of both Po and her father. When Po asks if she and her father are okay, the Hulk is about to tell her that they're dead, but Wolverine cuts in and tells her that they are fine.

With the bodies uncovered, Logan tells the Hulk to press the button on the red strap, fulfilling the girl's wishes to save her father. The Hulk presses the button and a parachute deploys. With Po and her father "saved", Po's spirit begins to float away until the Hulk complains that he doesn't understand why they have dug up dead bodies. This causes Po to "drown" and sink back to Earth. Logan quickly tells the Hulk that he has to tell Po that she is safe so her ghost can finally rest. At first, the Hulk doesn't have the mental capacity to lie, but eventually finds the strength to tell the girl that she is safe, finally allowing Po to float off to her eternal rest. Wolverine congratulates the Hulk for saving a little girl, but the Hulk still doesn't understand. As Logan walks off, Hulk thinks about Po and her untimely death and begins to cry.

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