Quote1.png My claws. If I didn't have 'em back in the seventies, when did I get 'em? Quote2.png
-- Logan

Appearing in "Long Road (Part Two)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Collinsworth (Mentioned)

Other Characters:

  • Joey Santoro (Death) (Only in flashback)
    • Three associates (Only in flashback) (Death)



  • Robby's gun


  • Logan's motorcycle
  • Train (Only in flashback)
  • Sean's van

Synopsis for "Long Road (Part Two)"

The man named Bobby Fragos, informs Logan of his forgotten past as a killer for hire, and attempts to extort him over the information. His back against the wall, Logan kills Bobby and takes off for Las Vegas.

Solicit Synopsis

• Logan is starting to turn his life around, using violence only in the name of saving lives. • But when one of the people he's saved proves somewhat less than grateful, Logan may have to rethink his new policy. • It's murder and mayhem in the California desert as Logan faces off against a surprising foe with secrets of his own!


Story takes place in present day, and has a flashback to the year 1978.

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