Quote1.png I guess the good guy I think I am is bull----, and this is what the Wolverine truly is... ...a monster. Quote2.png
-- Logan

Appearing in "Extreme Logan: Part Four"

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  • Black limo
  • Red car

Synopsis for "Extreme Logan: Part Four"

Lacking personal connections and any memory of his past, Logan drifted from Japan to Los Angeles to the deserts of California, searching for a home and a purpose. Most recently, he found a mysterious note directing him to Las Vegas. As he traveled toward that destination on his motorcycle, dealing with mechanical trouble and hitchhiking mishaps along the way, he found himself in a position to protect a man named Bobby Fragos from a group of violent delinquents. Fragos called Logan by his real name, revealed himself to be a killer for hire and attempted to extort Logan. With his back against the wall, Logan killed Fragos, then took of to Las Vegas.

In Vegas, Logan took up cage fighting under the pseudonym Lil' Rick and the management of a shady friend named Sean. One night after a winning fight, Logan met and was seduced by a hypnotist named Mother Night. Without Logan knowing, Mother Night hypnotized him and forced him to murder a man named Max Fisher and his mistress. Logan awoke from the trance covered in blood, confused and unsure about what he had done and desperate for answers. Logan discovered he had been set up -- that Max Fisher was Mother Night's husband, and that she and Sean had conspired to use him. He exacted revenge, killing them both. Ready for a showdown with the cops, he was instead confronted by a young stranger with a limo who ordered Logan into the car.

That stranger was the son of Mickey Gold, a powerful Las Vegas gangster who claimed Logan was one of his hired thugs. Gold dispatched his son and Wolverine to kill a man for seemingly no reason. Logan tired to mediate the situation -- but Gold's son attacked the man's wife -- and Logan lost control of himself, killing Gold's son, the man and his wife...

Solicit Synopsis

• VEGAS part 4 of 5!

• Logan is one step closer to finding out who he was…but what he finds out might not be what he was expecting.

• An old friend turns out to be another, older enemy!

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