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Mariko Yashida
I heard there were two foreigners fighting for the Shogunates. Not just the one they call Creed. There was another, shorter man who just as brutal. And you're going to stand here and lie to me and tell me that wasn't you?
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Please... you have to believe me. I didn't know he was your father. I swear I didn't.
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Appearing in "Permanent Rage (Chapter Four)"

Featured Characters:

  • Logan (Main story and flashback)


Other Characters:



  • Yashida's sword (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "Permanent Rage (Chapter Four)"

Logan, still suffering from extensive memory loss, continued to travel throughout Japan in an attempt to piece together the details of his life. As he worked to evade the Japanese authorities who believed that Logan was responsible for blowing up a plane that he and his lover, Yami, were on, Logan encountered an old "friend," Victor Creed.

During a brutal fight, Creed told Logan that they were both working for Yakuza, a Japanese criminal organization, and that the authorities' assumptions were true: Logan had blown up the plane. Creed then demanded that Logan give him the Yashida ancestral sword, a weapon that Logan had once retrieved for Yami's ancestor Mariko - Logan's former lover, and a woman Creed claimed Logan murdered in cold blood.

After returning to Mariko's grave to search for clues, Logan suddenly remembered what really happened on the plane: Yami, not Logan, had detonated the bomb. Now, as Logan's memory slowly returns in bits and pieces, he can't help but wonder - how many other lies Creed told him?

Solicit Synopsis

• Creed and Logan are on the run, with Logan framed for Creed’s vicious acts! • The truth about what, exactly, happened on that plane is finally revealed.

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