Quote1.png He's right. I'll never forget this pain. But I don't need eyes to fight. Can hear his breathing. Can smell his blood. Don't know how I know where he is. But like an animal...I pounce. Feel my claws ripping through his flesh, slicing up his bones. I'm doing it for her. My last chance to keep my promise to her. My last chance to prove to her that my love as real...and that I never forgot her. Quote2.png
-- Logan

Appearing in "Permanent Rage (Chapter Five)"

Featured Characters:

  • Logan (Main story and flashback)


Other Characters:

  • Mariko (Mentioned)
  • Yami (Only in flashback)
  • unnamed persons



  • Yashida's sword (Main story and flashback)

Synopsis for "Permanent Rage (Chapter Five)"

After surviving a plane crash off the coast of Japan, Logan was left without any memories of his past. On the run from the Japanese authorities who believed he had caused the crash, he slowly pieced together the details of his long life, most of which added up to one truth: that he isn't a good man, and that he has a lot of blood on his hands. Logan made some amends by restoring the legacy of the Yashida clan, the family of his former lover, Mariko, and by helping the police catch his vicious former ally Victor Creed, the real culprit behind the plane crash. Now, Logan has left Japan, looking to start fresh in a new city - the city of angels.


  • In issue #4, Mariko Yashida's grave reads "1836-1912," while in issue #5, Mariko Yashida's grave reads "1846-1921." The collected edition corrects this to "1836-1912", confirming the dates given in #4.

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