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Quote1.png I think you're the one with the secrets, not me. What were those things that came out of your arms, Mr. Jake Douglas (Logan) who sleeps in a junky old pick-up truck and used to work in law enforcement? Quote2.png
Candy Cassidy

Appearing in "The Protector (Chapter One)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Candace "Candy" Cassidy (Kate)


  • Franky
  • Franky's unnamed guards (Death)

Other Characters:

  • numerous beach goers
  • Dog named "Dog"



  • Logan's old pick-up truck
  • various vehicles

Synopsis for "The Protector (Chapter One)"

After a tumultuous in Japan, Logan settles down in Los Angeles. Although he still suffers from memory loss, he is adjusting well -- creating a new life for himself as Jake Douglas, and even finding a friend in the form of a dog named Dog. All of this changes, however, when he meets Candy, a mysterious "model" who hires Logan to be her driver. While on assignment, Logan hears Candy scream for help and runs in to rescue her from her producer, Franky...who retaliated by killing Dog. Now, Logan seeks answers--the kind of answers "Jake Douglas" might not be able to find...

Solicit Synopsis

• After solving the mystery of Creed and the plane crash, Logan heads to LA • But after living in the past for so long, can Logan face his future?

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