Quote1.png Still have the same quick fuse, don't you? Stupid me, last night at the diner I really thought you'd changed. But I guess some things never change. I mean, seriously...you're always gonna be a psycho piece of shit. Right, Logan? Quote2.png
-- Vincent Briscoe

Appearing in "Long Road (Part One)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • unnamed Diner Patron's
  • unnamed Garage worker



  • Sean's van
  • Vincent Briscoe's van
  • Logan's motorcycle

Synopsis for "Long Road (Part One)"

Lacking personal connections and any memory of his past, Logan drifted from Japan to Los Angeles to the deserts of California, searching for a home and a purpose. Most recently, he found a mysterious note directing him to Las Vegas. As he traveled toward that destination on his motorcycle, dealing with mechanical trouble and hitchhiking mishaps along the way, he found himself in a position to protect a man in a diner from a group of violent delinquents. Soon after, however, that same man chased Logan in his car, running them both off the road. Bewildered, Logan stopped to treat the man's injuries and investigate his identity - and the man shocked Logan by addressing him by name!

Solicit Synopsis

• Logan leaves Los Angeles in the dust as he ventures out into the California desert. • But someone is following close behind. Is it a cop? A killer? Or someone with even more sinister plans?

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