Quote1 My father used to say: "A man knows what hell is. That's what separates us from the animals." I don't know much about hell. But I know a lot about the Bowery. Quote2
-- Jim Logan Howlett

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  • The Puritan



Synopsis for "Jack Roller"

Setting in New York's Bowery during 1937, Jim Logan Howlett runs a detective agency with partner and alleged brother Dog Logan. As teenager Jim Howlett, he was taught the art of Japanese knife fighting by his gardener Smitty, who was knowledgeable of the Samurai arts and was taught how to use the Katana and Knives, but mainly uses knives due to his Irish background. In the present, both he and Dog met with a new client name Mariko Yashida, who is a Japanese businesswoman and hired him to find the people who is preventing her father's business. Dog went out to investigate starting with Victor Creed, who owns a hotel called the Puritan, but suddenly went missing. Logan went to search for him from where he was last seen and was approached by two men (one with a long sword and another with two knives). When both men attack, Logan brought out his modified knife claws and kill the two. When Logan entered the room he saw Dog's knife, which Smitty gave him, being covered in blood and fearing he was too late.

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