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Synopsis for "Wolverine Noir 3: Original Sin"

Logan wakes up and was surprised to see the deceased Yuriko lying on the street. Mariko meets Logan in Club Dos Passos, with an angry Logan demanding to know who Mariko is, which she explained about herself ten years ago that she and her friends had dreamed of a modern Japan leading to a glorious new age, but became disenchanted as her country devoted itself to strive for war with China. With Mariko giving her explanation she ask Logan who he is, which Logan explained that over seven years ago when he was still James Howlett, he attended Smitty's funeral who died of consumption and he was planning to propose to Rose and was meeting her behind his family's greenhouse. After he arrived he was shocked when he saw Dog and Rose kissing as they reveled that they've been having a relationship behind his back, which Rose expressing no emotional feelings for him and Dog laughing at him as Logan feels humiliated. Feeling heart-broken and betrayed, James became furious and in rage as he took out his knives and attack, with Dog and Rose appearing both shocked and afraid as it was the first time they've seen James like this. As James woke up from his rage he finds himself covered in blood and sees a now mentally broken down Dog completely afraid of him as he was brutally scared and bleeding. He also remembered Rose in shock and afraid of him because of what he as done to Dog as she ran off as she was planning to reveal everyone of what he has done, now fearing that others would come after him he decided to run away with Dog as he no longer has a future as James Howlett which made him decide to change his name to Jim Logan, reminding him of what he has done. Fearing for his safety Mariko tells Logan to forget about everything, but Logan is determined to find them, which Mariko replied that they will hunt him down. As Mariko leaves Logan tries to follow her, but was too tired as he fell unconscious, where Creed and his men stand around him.

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