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A few hours later, Creed and his men took an unconscious Logan near a train station, with Logan dreaming about Mariko. When Logan woke up, Creed commented that he killed Mariko after she left the club, which angered Logan enough for him to fight back, but was beaten down by Creed and was dragged to the platform. From there, Logan was glad to see Mariko and figured out when the war in Japan will start her father will build a criminal empire in New York, but didn't care as he confessed his love for her. When he ask why Mariko is not looking at him he smell a scent that he was familiar with, and was shocked to find that his former sweetheart, Rose, is there, showing him her disfigured face. Rose revealed to Logan Mariko's face, where her left eye was bruised from the beating and Dog tied up and placed in a train track. Rose also revealed that seven years ago when he was about to attack, Dog pushed her on the way, causing her face to be scarred by him right after he attacked Dog. She also revealed that when her father died she inherited his fortune and later met with Creed, who pointed out to her that she would make enough profit from the war, but had not forgotten what he did to her. Logan figured out that Rose was the one who set the whole thing to get revenge and demanded that she would let Mariko go, but she refused as she sees her as a problem and Creed commented that they've gotten close, until a train appeared. Logan demanded that she would spare Dog, but she didn't give a reply as she commented about Mariko not revealing to Logan about the plan or about what happened to her involving her father. With the train coming closer Logan yelled that he would save Dog, but did nothing as he saw Dog being killed by a runaway train, and shocked him even more as Rose took out her gun and killed Mariko in front of him. With Dog and Mariko both dead, Logan was fueled with rage and attack starting with Creed's men, where Logan took two katana's from them and kill three of them, with Creed leaving Rose. With no one left, Logan moves to kill Rose, but Rose talked to him and requested that she would leave the Bowery and return to the Greenhouse with her, forgetting his sins. Feeling tempted to return to the life he once had before with Rose as he dropped one of the katana and touched her face, Logan no longer has any feelings for her when he sees Mariko's body as he kills her, piercing the katana through her chest.

With the case now solved and the sun now rising, Logan heads to the Bowery as he returns to his office feeling sad that he has lost Dog, Rose and Mariko. The series ends with Logan commenting a quote from his preacher father, "A Man who's damned himself", passing along the way a newspaper boy releasing paper headlining "Japan Invades China, World War Two?".

Solicit Synopsis

New York, 1937. On a dark train platform, in the hellish skid row called the Bowery, Private Eye Jim Logan gets one last chance to crack the case that's been tearing his guts out. But even if he finds his missing partner Dog, Logan's own shattered life may never be the same.

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