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Appearing in "Debts and Obligations"

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Synopsis for "Debts and Obligations"

Yukio wakes Wolverine to find the Hand attacking them. Wolverine knocks them out of the window and meets more of the Hand's reinforcements. Yukio gets separated from Wolverine, but she holds her own in the battle. With the Hand defeated, Yukio and Wolverine go to his hotel. Yukio is surprised that all of his battle wounds have healed. Wolverine offers her protection from the Hand, but she declines, making it clear she can fight for herself.

Later, Yukio and Lord Shingen start discussing she and Wolverine's previous encounter with the Hand when a Hand member attacks Yukio. She disarms the Hand member and Lord Shingen asks why she does not kill him. Yukio replies that the memory of his defeat would be worse than mercifully killing him. Yukio inquires why Lord Shingen ordered the Hand to actually kill her while it was supposed to be a deception. Lord Shingen says Wolverine would "know the difference between sham and reality."

Wolverine and Yukio then infiltrate the Lord Yingshen's "peace conference" with rival crime lord, Katsuyori. To Wolverine's surprise, he finds Mariko at the meeting. They watch the play Chūshingura, and in the final act, the ninja take aim at Mariko. Wolverine jumps in to save her, and the ninja switches targets to him instead. Wolverine and the ninja "actors" battle until Wolverine arises as champion; meanwhile Yukio assassinates Katsuyori and his wife. Mariko stares at the scene in shock before running away, much to Yukio's satisfaction.

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