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Quote1.png I'm Wolverine. I'm the best there is at what I do. I used t' be a secret agent. I used t' be a hero. Now, I'm drunk. An' lovin' ev'ry minute of it! Quote2.png

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  • Yukio's Spikes (Name first revealed)


Synopsis for "Loss"

At a bar in Tokyo, Wolverine wrestles a man named Takahashi and lifts him over his head. When the man punches Wolverine in the face, Wolverine throws him out the window. Wolverine joins his new girlfriend, Yukio, as they go outside and meet Asano Kimura. Asano asks Wolverine for help in a Japanese underworld takeover, but Wolverine turns him down flat.

Yukio takes Logan to some train tracks and they start making out. Despite being drunk, Logan notices something is wrong and realizes a bullet train is approaching and jumps off the tracks carrying Yukio. Wolverine questions Yukio's insanity, but she says that when she dies, she wishes to die "spectacularly." Soon, Logan falls asleep and dreams that he is a medieval warrior approaching the Clan Yashida fortress, where guards attack him with a barrage of arrows. The last arrow comes from his former love, Mariko, which pierces his soul.

While Wolverine dreams this, members of the Hand goad Yukio to kill Wolverine in accordance with her agreement with Lord Shingen. She takes out her blades to presumably cut out Wolverine's heart, but instead uses them to fight the Hand members. Yukio tries to wake Wolverine up, but instead he mumbles "M-Mariko." Frustrated, she kicks Wolverine in the face and leaves.

Later Wolverine wakes up and goes back to the hotel. He finds the corpse of Asano, and sniffs the scent on the knife. He learns that Yukio was the one who ambushed him when he arrived in Japan and uncovers her deception. Yukio runs, and Wolverine chases her through the rooftops of the city, until he brings down Yukio with her own weapon.

Yukio lands in the Zen gardens of Kyoto and Wolverine prepares to kill her. She says that since they both love each other, killing her would be to kill himself. Although he realizes the truthfulness of her words, Wolverine decides to kill her anyway. However, the Hand ambushes him and Wolverine has to deal with them instead. In the ensuing battle, Yukio escapes and Wolverine notices some of the dead Hand members have her spikes in them. Wolverine examines the the Zen gardens and makes peace with himself, resolving to seek revenge on Shingen.

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