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As Wolverine sneaks out of the Xavier Institute and hitches a ride to New York City, Elektra relates to a turning point in her childhood.

The story is about the gardener Stavros, that worked for her father who she would find out was a mercenary during World War II who killed many. How he had learned the horrors of war and began to learn that each life is precious. He had taught her some hard lessons and she would learn that he came into her fathers employ when her mother was brave enough to summon him by pointing a gun at his face. When a pair of assassins attempted to murder her father, Stavros would kill the elder assassin but it would be Elektra who would convince him to spare the other, whom would realize his youthful folly and devote his life to working with Stavros.

As she is relating to this story, a young woman tucks her eldest son into bed and kisses him goodnight before going out for an evening stroll with her baby child. The young boy wakes up and sneaks out of the house. By this point, Wolverine has wandered near a blind homeless man asking for change. Puzzled by this, Logan would sit on the opposite side of the street and watch him. When the boy's mother would come by, she would give Logan a Nickle, mistaking him for another panhandler. Logan would be confused by this offering.

Meanwhile, the boy would meet up with a friend of his who is a drug dealer and after making some sales would get into a firefight with a rival dealer. The rival seemingly shot dead and a number of innocent people, including the blind old man. Sending Wolverine in a fury and set him after the two attackers. Wolverine cuts down the elder gunman and when he sees the younger boy running away Wolverine turns to go but the kid turns back and shoots him in the arm. Logan chases after him into a subway station and the boy accidentally falls on the rails trying to shoot Logan again. This pulls loose a medallion which has a scent Wolverine recognizes.

Logan jumps onto the tracks and saves the boy from an oncoming train, and the boys gun is lost in the commotion. On safe ground, Logan gets a close sniff of the medallion and recognizes it as that of the boy's mother. Logan then points out that his mother was in the middle of the cross-fire and just barely avoided getting shot. When Wolverine passes out from his gunshot wound, the boy at first tries to flee but his guilty conscience makes him turn back and help Logan back on his feet.

This leaves him open to an attack by the rival drug dealer, who survived that attack thanks to a bulletproof vest. Before he can shoot the boy or Logan, he his struck in the back by a sei thrown by Elektra who has finally decided to reveal herself to Wolverine. Seeing that Logan has someone to look after him, the boy rushes over to his mother who is now talking to police. However, before he goes Logan tosses the nickel back to the boy that his mother gave him earlier in the evening.

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