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Under the training of Elektra to get himself back on his warrior path, Wolverine has given his first challenge: climbing up to the top of the World Trade Center using his bare hands. When he meets Elektra at the top she asks him what his name is. When he says it's Wolverine, she tells him that Wolverine is an animal and asks him who climb the building, man or animal. When he doesn't have a quick answer, she turns and strikes him easily telling him if it was the man he let his guard down.

They enter a single room which Elektra designates as their dojo to use while they are training. She puts up a scroll that contains two Chinese ideograms. Logan recognizes them as representing forest and wind but recalls that one is missing as he has seen a similar before. The two then go into fight training and meditation. She offers him another riddle, showing him a samurai sword and telling him that he is just like it, naked fury a powerful weapon when wielded properly.

She then begins the final test, by tricking him into entering a walk in freezer and locking him inside. When he begins to let into his animal rage and begin pounding on the door, Elektra can relate. She recalls her lost love with Matt Murdock, and how she was a member of the Chaste and how her attempts to take down the Hand through infiltration became her undoing. Logan meanwhile stops pounding on the door and begins to meditate on the riddles that have been put before him. He then comes up with a means to get out of his situation. Using his claws, Wolverine cuts his way out of the freezer and recovers the sword.

Walking past the incomplete scroll, Logan finally recalls what was missing, something his old Sensei Ogun had taught him years ago. The missing component as mountain. Meeting Elektra outside she is pleased to learn that he figured out the riddle and asks him if he figured out the riddle of the sword. The two begin to fight, and when she disarms him of his sword he pops his claws. When she calls him on acting like an animal, Wolverine sheaths them and tries to recover the sword. But then, realizing the lesson involved Logan opts to instead win the fight with his bare hands.

With the battle over Elektra confirms the lesson for him: That it is harder to sheath the sword than it is to draw it, and sometimes it's easier to move a mountain than it is to make someone change their ways.


  • Colour separations by Malibu.

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