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Continued from last issue..

Wolverine and Pale Flower have been apprehended by the Japanese military where they are waiting to be executed. Logan realizes that the Hand set them up as part of whatever plans they have for Yukio and Amiko. Before they can executed, a man appearing to be a priest enters the cell block to offer prayers for the soon to dead prisoners. However, he is in realty a Hand warrior known as the Iron Monk. With is iron prayer beads he knocks out the soldiers and rips the door open to Logan's cell. He explains that he has come to slay the mutant and that nothing man-made can kill him.

Logan is willing to give it a shot, however no matter what he tries to do, Logan cannot harm or kill this man. He manages to free Shirohana in the process, but even she cannot knock him out and is knocked out herself for her troubles. In the heat of the battle, Logan is surprised when a small man named Yohei -- a button man for the Yashida clan -- arrives to return the Honor Sword to Logan with an apology from the Silver Samurai for being unable to live up to his obligations to protect Yukio and Amiko. With the swords meteor forged metal, Wolverine is easily able to slay the Iron Monk. Logan grabs Pale Flower and the trio escape through the tunnel that Yohei came from. Along the way, Yohei explains who he is.

While at the movie studio on Tokyo Bay that is in reality a front for the Hand, Akatora's minions Emi and Sumi continue their mental conditioning of little Amiko. When Amiko asks to see Yukio, the two women begin to convince her that Yukio never loved her, however the girl isn't so quick to believe them as Yukio has been taking care of her for some time[1]. Sumi goes down to the dungeon where Yukio has been kept and tortured since her capture for more conditioning of her own. Yukio warns Sumi of what will happen to them when Logan finally finds them and sees what they have been doing to his ward. Emi then reports back to Akatora about the progress she is having brianwashing Amiko, she arrives just as Akatora gets the news from the Noodle Vender that Logan and Pale Flower managed to escape prison and that the Iron Monk is now dead.

While on the docks, Wolverine, Pale Flower and Yohei surface and Logan offers to help Yohei make it back to the Yashida clan when they are confronted by members of the Blue Monkey Gang. However, when Logan sets Shirohana down he is surprised to see that Yohei easily defeats their attackers. Pale Flower explains that Yohei is really the Yashida Clan's enforcer and that he feigns being harmless to trick his enemies. When she is surprised to know this, Yohei points out that she is a mutant with mind reading abilities. Meanwhile, Sumi and Emi are sent out to confront the Noodle Vender whom Akatora has learned was selling information to everyone including their enemies. The two women pull the Noodle Vender aside and prepare to eliminate him for his double crossing.

Back on the docks, Wolverine explains that he is in a struggle against the Hand because they kidnapped Amiko and Yukio. When Yohei learns that Logan is seeking to rescue a young girl under his protection he offers to aid. Pale Flower, no longer desiring to kill Logan after he saved her life also wishes to come along and help him out. When Logan asks where they should start, Yohei explains that their best connection is the Noodle Vender, an informant he learned has been selling information to everyone.

Lastly, back at the movie studio on Tokyo Bay, Sumi and Emi return beaten up and regret to inform their leader that the Noodle Vender managed to escape. Alatora is furious however he has come up with a solution to eliminate the Noodle Vender, Wolverine and his allies: He is dispatching the cyber-ninjas of the Death Hand Cult to eliminate them all.

This story is continued next issue...

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  1. Wolverine Vol 2 #82
  2. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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