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Continued from last issue...

Wolverine has tracked down the Noodle Vendor, a informant whom can lead him to where the Hand has taken Amiko and Yukio. However so have the Hand's cyber-ninjas of the Death Hand Cult. After Wolverine slays them all, the Noodle Vendor attempts to attack him when he is stopped by his allies Pale Flower and Yohei. Logan demands that he Noodle Vendor tell him where the Hand has taken Yukio and Amiko.

While at the Tokyo Bay movie studio that is a front for the Hand, Akatora's assistants Emi and Sumi continue their mental conditioning of Amiko. Using a hypnotic device they forcefully try to convince her that her mother wasn't killed by a dragon at all, but by Wolverine himself. Despite Amiko's resistance to the conditioning, she eventually succumbs to their suggestion that she should get revenge against Logan for the death of her mother.

Meanwhile, Logan and his friends storm the studio and have to face off against members of the Hand in monster movie costumes that have real weapons built inside. Logan orders Pale Flower and Yohei to recover Amiko and Yukio while he deals with the combatants. He slays them all and fights one on one with Akatora. During the fight, Akatora is boastful and overconfident and doesn't take into consideration Wolverine's healing factor. Which lands the fight in Logan's favor as he manages to slash Akatora's face. However, before he can slay the Hand leader, the others return with Yukio and Amiko. Akatora tells Logan that one of his three allies is really a double agent for the Hand.

Logan turns and throws the Honor Sword, impaling Yohei, and he dissolves he is revealed to be the spy in their midst. While he was doing this, Akatora manages to escape. When Pale Flower ask Logan how he knew the spy was Yohei, he remarks that it all added up based on how much he really knew. As Akatora, Sumi and Emi flee the scene, Akatora boasts how he has not lost the battle as his conditioning of Amiko was a complete success. Back above the surface, Logan tells Amiko that he is sorry that she went through everything and that he has to leave soon. Amiko says she understands, and that she has a lot of training to do, with a sinister glint in her eye.

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