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Quote1.png I'm called Wolverine. Or Logan. Or Patch. Or motherless scum. Depends who I'm with and whether we're trying to kill each other. Quote2.png
-- Logan

Appearing in "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part One of Six - Brother's Keeper!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jakes (Burt's chauffeur) (First appearance)
  • Judge Fenster (a judge) (First appearance)
  • Trish (a waitress at the Princess Bar) (First appearance)
  • Ruth (Archie and Burt's aunt) (First appearance)
  • Mr. Schoenfeld (an attorney) (First appearance)
  • Tuttle (museum curator) (First appearance)

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part One of Six - Brother's Keeper!"

Two men named Ernst and Jarocha have broken into the San Francisco Museum of Antiques seeking out a strange stone that is on display in the area. As they are breaking into the display case they are startled by the night watchman and drop the stone, causing it to shatter on the ground leaving them to realize that it was a fake. Attacking the security guard, they flash their fangs, revealing to him that they are vampires before they feed upon him.

While in Madripoor, Archie Corrigan bursts into the Princess Bar as Patch is playing darts. Taking an interest in what is troubling Corrigan, Logan takes a seat and learns that the authorities want to declare Archie's brother, Burt, incompetent and that the only means to save him would be to fight the decision and Archie isn't sure that he wants to. As Patch is called to finish a wager on his darts skill he hears the rest of Corrigan's story: When Archie's father passed away he left the majority of his wealth with his brother, however, Burt has a disconnect from reality often believing himself to be various fictional characters from the movies he loves. His aunt Ruthie is attempting to have the courts find him deemed incompetent so that she can take away the money left to Burt by his father. Archie was willing to help until he got a letter from his brother asking him for help battling the "forces of evil", leaving Archie to wonder if the decision isn't without merit. As they pass through Lowtown Archie asks Patch to accompany him out to San Fransisco to investigate the thing. Logan is reluctant and as he encourages a man who is constantly getting thrown out of a bar to go in and continue his brawl he begins to mull it over. When Jessica Drew (having followed them after overhearing them speak of her old stomping grounds[1]) expresses her interest in going if Patch goes, Patch agrees to accompany Archie if the man he goaded into going back into the bar is thrown out the window. Sure enough, fate's mighty hands sees that it does happen and the man is thrown through the window of the bar, deciding for Logan to go to San Francisco to try and help Archie out.

As they fly out to San Fran, Logan mulls over his current lot in life. Reflecting on his time with the X-Men he earned a family he didn't realize that he needed, now he finds himself among another group of people whom he is getting involved within Madripoor and finds that a second family is not what he needs.

When they arrive in San Fransisco, they travel to Burt's mansion where they meet with him and all appears to be normal and it would seem that Burt has taken up a normal profession, and has been writing a dissertation on ancient cultures. Convinces that Burt doesn't believe he is someone else, Archie, Logan and Jessica all pay leave, agreeing to be on site for Burt's hearing in the courts. As they leave, Burt opens his desk drawer and pulls out the stone that the two vampires were searching for the night before. Jessica Drew takes the time back in the States to drop by her old office to check her mail. She begins to wonder if she should return to California and reopen her operations here or just move to Madripoor permanently. As she is going through her bills she is visited by Mr. Tuttle, the curator of the San Fransisco Museum of Antiques. He is seeking to hire her to investigate the attack and attempted robbery by what appeared to be vampires. Jessica agrees to take the case and look into things and see what she can find.

The next day at the courthouse, Patch watches over the proceedings over Burt's competency hearing. With Burt running late and nobody knowing where he is, Archie and his aunt begin to fight over her motivations for having Burt found incompetent when suddenly their argument is interrupted when Burt smashes through the courthouse window dressed like Indian Jones and riding on horseback. Archie freaks out and demands that his brother explains himself. Burt starts to try to explain that he is being chased by the forces of evil. When Patch tries to confirm that someone is coming, Archie silences him. Before things can carry on further, an army of vampires suddenly storm the courtroom heading straight for Burt. Patch gets up and prepares to enter the fight, wondering why he ever left Madripoor for this.



  • The cover of this issue is shown briefly in the 2006 movie The Departed.

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  1. Jessica Drew used to be active as Spider-Woman in San Fransisco until she lost her powers and moved to Madripoor

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