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Canada: A grizzly bear is out foraging for food in the wilderness. It comes across a cave where it comes across ancient pots. Thinking there might be food, the creature pries one of the jars open and is possessed by a spirit of one of the Great Beasts. Elsewhere, two crooks Jocko Cacquomo, and Peter Hale hold up a convenience store and while getting away Jocko kills all the witnesses. This senseless murder prompts the RCMP to begin a manhunt for the two petty thieves as they begin to leave a bloody trail into the wilderness of the North West Territories.

They ask the mystic known as Shaman to help in the search, and he in tern calls his old friend Wolverine to come up to help. Shaman explains that he has been speaking to the ravens and that he was warned that one of the Great Beasts had been unleashed in the area. Elsewhere in the area, while Jocko and Peter try to flee on foot, the Totebind family is going on a camping trip. When they are told to turn around by an RCMP roadblock, Bob's wife Catherine berates him about having to turn back that the push-over decides to find someplace else nearby for her and their apathetic son Alan to camp. They run afoul of the two crooks who hold them at gun point. When Bob tries to defend his family, he gets a rifle butt in the face.

Before Jocko and Peter can do anything, they are confronted by Wolverine who is about to capture them when the possessed bear appears. Logan jumps in the animals path as the two crooks and the Totebind stand in utter horror at the sight of the demonized bear. As Jocko, Peter, Catherine and Alan flee to the car, Bob can't bring himself to flee and leave Logan to battle the creature alone. While the others crash the jeep while trying to escape in a panic, Bob tries to fight off the monster with a stick and is struck back. He is recovered by Shaman who pulls him aside.

As Wolverine battles the creature, he tries he finds that letting into his savage fury is not working and remembering all he was taught by Elektra, Stick and Professor X withdraws his claws and beats the demonic bear into submission with is bare hands. With the creature down, Shaman uses his magic to trap it back in the pot it came from. The bear reverts back to normal and flees into the forest.

Wolverine then tracks down Jocko and Peter who are holding both Alan and Catherine at gun point. Alan tosses his hand held video game and it strikes Jocko in the nose making him drop his guard. When Peter is about to shoot both of their hostages on Jocko's say so, Logan comes up and threatens him with his claws. When Jocko manages to recover his gun, he is struck from behind by Bob before he can shoot. With the crooks dealt with and the RCMP takes them away, Logan and Shaman sees that the family they saved still have many unresolved issues as Bob and Catherine once more argue with each other. Shaman asks Logan if they'll ever overcome their issues. Logan isn't sure, and tells his old ally that he has the same struggle every day as he walks off into the wilderness.

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