Quote1 A drifter/biker/construction worker who quotes John Donne. are an odd duck! Quote2
-- Helen Bach

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Synopsis for "The Light at the End of the Day"

Arriving in the East Village, Logan feels ready for anything... which is why he decides to involve himself in an altercation between a couple and a pair of street goons. He manages to see off the duo, earning the gratitude of the couple, who introduce themselves as Kirstin and Clive. They offer help, explaining that Kirstin is the superintendent of a building with a few vacancies, and that they both spend most of their days at the nearby Third Eye Café. Logan agrees to follow up on both of these leads.

Nearby, a street mime is performing, juggling Indian clubs while riding a unicycle. As he cycles away from Logan, a chain snaps out of a nearby cellar, wrapping around a club in midair and snatching it away. The mime is so impressed that he breaks character, asking how that person did that. From the cellar, a voice says that if he comes down here, he will show him. But when the mime goes down, he immediately regrets this choice.

Logan's new flat is sparse and the only phone in the building is in the hall, but it is his and he is hopeful, as he explains to Jean Grey in a phone conversation. However, for all the positive spin he tries to put on things, his first day seems to consist of eating street food and watching crazy homeless people, while at night, he cannot get to sleep, and tries to tire himself out by doing exercise. But his healing factor kicks in, rendering him awake and hungry, and as he goes through hat little food the previous tenant left, he admits that he feels guilt for how his actions led to Charles Xavier turning into Onslaught, for which he has now been detained by the government. As he tries to get to sleep, he sees the mime rolling down the street, but now his face seems evil. Shrugging this off, Logan goes to sleep.

The next morning, Logan has breakfast in the Third Eye. Kirstin says he needs to find a job to occupy himself. Logan is initially defensive, but when Kirstin leaves him to stew, he apologises and asks if anyone in the area is hiring.

At Kirstin's suggestion, he goes to a building site to talk to the foreperson, Helen Bach. Bach explains that this isn't a job, but a co-op. New York's housing shortage was exacerbated by damage during the Onslaught crisis, and so the co-op is getting people to work on the site in exchange for a reduced price on an apartment here. Logan admires their drive, and asks if he can work on the site anyway for no recompense. Bach puts it to a popular vote, and the workers cheer.

At the end of his first day, Logan and Bach walk and talk. Logan mentions he used to have a teacher who quoted John Donne a lot. Bach mentions that Kirstin told her story of Logan's arrival, and that she does not support violence. The duo are waylaid by the goons from the prior day, with Bach hitting one of the duo in the face so hard he falls down, but refusing to talk about it afterwards. As she leaves, the goons complain that the last thing they remember is being hypnotised by the mime.

Realizing there is a mystery, Logan double-times it up the stairs to his flat to store his stuff so he can track down the mime... but the mime is in his sitting room, trundling around on his unicycle, but now juggling knives!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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