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Synopsis for "The Wind From The East"

Logan has come home to find a murderous mime juggling knives and taunting him. Logan realises quite fast that the mime has been possessed, which leaves him with the conundrum that he cannot kill his attacker without killing the mime.

Logan then realises that the mime is also juggling the box he was given by Zoe Culloden. The mime knocks Logan down while making a comment about how if Logan will serve him, he will "fill the void within [his] body, mind and soul."

This triggers a flashback: in the 1930s, Logan was a drunk in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. While walking down the street one day, he saw an altercation between a pushy Japanese sergeant on the one hand, and an old Chinese man and his student, a young Western boy, on the other, over a seemingly-ordinary wooden box. When the sergeant knocked the old man to the ground for "disrespect", Logan stepped in and decked the man. This caused the sergeant to cock his shotgun, but a captain interceded, and promptly killed the sergeant with a sword for disgracing the Imperial Japanese Army. The captain is then prepared to kill Wolverine in a similar fashion, but after Wolverine explains his motives - and more importantly, when the captain sees that the drunken Logan is willing to fight to the death - he sheathed his weapon, saying that if he ever wanted, Logan would be welcome to study the martial arts at the captain's dojo in Japan, where he would work to "fill the void within [his] body, mind, and soul", before then departing. The old man, being helped up by his student, said that Logan would also be welcome to study under him, as he thought Logan had a destiny. Logan shrugged both these offers off, saying he had "things to do"... before he continued walking down the street, chugging whiskey and singing sea shanties. As he departed, the young man said they should go follow him, but the old man laughed, telling his young student that while the chaotic strength of Logan may be tempting to follow, there was still work to do to safeguard the wooden box.

In the East Village in the present, Helen Bach is already regretting her previous outburst to Wolverine. Knowing that he is alone, she is about to go back, when Storm and Jean Grey, both in civilian garb, stop her on the street to ask for directions to Logan's building. Feeling as though the decision she made has been superceded by the presence of two beautiful women, Helen gives them directions and walks off.

As soon as the duo gets to the flat, they see the fight going on an insert themselves into it, with Storm knocking the mime flat using wind, while Jean uses telepathy to force out the possessing entity. She is able to free the mime, who promptly runs away, complaining about his arm which was broken in the fight, as Jean reveals that she has been possessed. Jean is made to throw a knife at Storm, but Logan jumps in the way, catching the knife in his gut. This act of selflessness is enough to stun the possessing spirit, and as it remembers the good person it used to be, Jean is able to force it out of her head.

On the street, Helen is suddenly possessed by the spirit, which by now has been revealed as having the same face as "Danger Room Guy"[1]. A galvanized Helen barges down the street, knocking aside Kirstin and Clive, who realise that something is up.

Meanwhile, in his mansion at Fire Lake, MA, Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan, is using a large scrying emerald which once belonged to the Ancient One to watch for mystic threats. The emerald warns him of the box...

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