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Quote1.png He was my teacher. Back when I didn't care about the world, he taught me that any man can become someone of value. And then, later, he taught me by example that even the noblest a' men can fall to their wickedness. Quote2.png

Appearing in "For The Snark Was A Bojum, You See!"

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Synopsis for "For The Snark Was A Bojum, You See!"

Logan is on the hunt in his costume, looking for a possessing spirit of unknown origin that wants him dead, as a thunderstorm hits the city. He follows the trail to the street, where he is troubled to discover it disappears into the trail of Helen Bach, a local woman he considers a friend. As he follows her path Helen down a side alley, he encounters Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan - a one-time super hero who is in town because of a vision. He warns Logan to safeguard a mysterious wooden box that he got from Zoe Culloden, then vanishes. Logan mutters uncharitable things about men who give cryptic warnings - but is then ambushed by Lady Deathstrike. After Lady Deathstrike demands the return of the box, as it has significance to her family, Wolverine cuts off her face and the fight begins in earnest.

Back in Logan's apartment, Jean Grey and Storm are holding the fort, minding the wooden box. As they wonder how dangerous the box could be, the storm causes a blackout - and the pair realizes that a strange light is coming from inside the box...

Meanwhile, the possessed Helen Bach enters her apartment, and starts looking for weapons. The possessing spirit notes that Helen is far stronger than it would assume a woman would be. It makes Helen open up a wardrobe, and immediately realizes why this would be so.

The fight between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike goes from the street to the rooftops to someone's living room, as she demonstrates that, due to a recent upgrade of her cybernetics by Donald Pierce, she has an auto-repairing system now - a cybernetic healing factor. During a lull in the fight, Wolverine remarks that she has become less human, like he used to be. Deathstrike insists that the box is precious to her family, as precious as the adamantium bonding process which was the reason for their original feud, and she demands its return. Wolverine explains that the box is not currently his to surrender, but if she will wait for him to call Zoe Culloden, the woman who entrusted him with the box, he will sort out this entire issue. This gives Deathstrike pause, as she wishes to know more of Culloden, who she has only heard stories about. The two agree to go back to the apartment to plot their next move.

At the apartment, Jean Grey and Storm close the box, remarking upon the great power its possessor would have, and how important it is for the box to be in the hands of a warrior like Wolverine. Wolverine & Deathstrike enter at this point, insisting that they need to pool their resources to catch the possessing spirit... only for the possessed Helen, in the full combat uniform of the USAF, to burst through the door holding a submachinegun. Jean Grey throws up a telekinetic shield over the group, but Wolverine jumps in front of one of the bullets, catching it in the chest, and complaining about old habits. This act of selflessness gives the possessed Helen pause, as both woman and ghost remember who they used to be. This is enough of an opening for Jean Grey to forcibly separate the two.

Wolverine runs to Helen, revealing his identity as Logan to her. She laughs, explaining her secret past - she had been a pilot in Iraq, but her plane had gone down and she had been imprisoned and tortured by the Iraqi army. When she was finally released, she was given a psychological discharge. Initially unable to cope, she became a shut-in, hoarding weapons so that she would not be a victim again. Eventually, she built a new life, where she used her technical knowledge to create, rather than destroy. Wolverine, who only came to this neighborhood to further his personal growth, sympathizes.

Before anyone can move forward, however, the possessing spirit comes back and takes control of Lady Deathstrike. As people react in horror, the possessed woman starts to laugh: Lady Deathstrike, as a person who set metaphorically their humanity on fire to fuel a pride-based vendetta, is the perfect host for this possessing spirit. As the possessing spirit uses Lady Deathstrike's cybernetic healing factor to reshape her face to resemble a cartoonish devil mask, and asks Wolverine to identify it... and Wolverine can.

Lady Deathstrike runs through a nearby window, off on a new adventure, leaving a shocked and tired Wolverine to explain to his super hero friends who the possessing ghost was: Ogun, his old martial arts teacher, an immortal who became less human as he became older, and who Wolverine killed to save the life of a friend.


  • This issue marks the last time the wooden box is ever mentioned in the Wolverine comics.
  • Jean Grey mentions in this issue that Logan has become less feral, and that his body seems to be recovering from the feral form it adopted when he rejected Genesis' attempt to re-bond adamantium to his skeleton.

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