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-- Logan

Appearing in "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Two of Six - Straits of San Francisco!"

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Synopsis for "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Two of Six - Straits of San Francisco!"

As a horde of vampire creatures swarm the competency hearings held for Burt Corrigan, the presiding judge attempts to call the authorities to get them to help, however, they find his story about vampires and a man dressed like Harrison Ford too much to believe. While out in the courtroom, Patch, Archie and his brother Burt (on horseback, dressed like Indiana Jones) fight off the horde of vampires. As they fight, Jessica Drew arrives on the scene. As Patch fights off a swarm of vampires that have descended on Archie, Burt makes a break for it on his horse, with Jessica hopping on for a ride. As the police arrive, Patch and Archie steal a cop car and chase after them, with another squad car stolen by the vampires seeking to catch up with Burt.

As the chase is on, at a nearby airfield, the vampires master waits patiently with one of his minions, waiting for the perfect opportunity to reclaim a fragment of the prize he seeks: The Gehenna Stone.

On the streets of San Francisco, Jessica asks Burt what the vampires -- whom Burt identifies as followers of Ba'al -- are after and he explains that they are after a fragment of the Gehenna Stone that he himself had stolen. The chase carries them all over the streets of San Francisco, with two cars full of vampires and the police car carrying Logan and Archie. As Burt and Jessica continue to try and elude their pursuers, Logan and Archie try to stop the vampires as well. After succeeding in causing one car to crash, Logan is gunned down and crushed between his car and a car full of attackers. Logan then plays possum until the enemy car is on a one-way collision with a trolley. Before they can get out of the trolley's path, Logan then uses his claws to keep the car in its path causing them to collide.

With their pursuers either shaken off or killed, Logan and Archie catch up with Jessica and Burt. Archie is furious about this predicament, however, Logan manages to calm him down. Realizing that San Francisco is likely to be swarming with vampire followers of Ba'al, not to mention the police out looking for them, Logan convinces his friends that the best thing to do is to take Burt back to Madripoor. Archie reluctantly agrees and Patch hot-wires a car for them to get away in a less conspicuous manner.


  • Cover art: pencils, inks and colours by Nowlan per colouring comment by Nowlan on original art.[1]


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