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Appearing in "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Three of Six - Blood Ties"

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Synopsis for "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Three of Six - Blood Ties"


Twin brothers, Larry and Garry enter the Princess Bar looking for drinks. When O'Donnell questions the two rude customers if they have money to buy drinks, Larry shows off a chunk of the Gehenna Stone before his brother scolds him for flashing it again. They tell O'Donnell that they'll have plenty of cash once they sell off the valuable stone.

San Francisco:

Patch, Archie, Burt and Jessica Drew are heading to where Archie landed his plane in a stolen vehicle when the police begin to chase them. Before they can catch up, Logan jumps out of the car and onto the hood of the police vehicle and rams his Adamantium claws into the engine forcing the police to pull over while Logan jumps back into their getaway vehicle. With the police off their backs, Jessica starts demanding that Burt explain what all the commotion is about the piece of the Gehenna Stone that he has in his possession.


Larry and Garry decide to get a room for the night at the Princess Bar, when Larry once more brags about the Gehenna Stone. Garry gets angry and hits him. The two get into a brief scuffle before Larry snaps out of his rage and the two brothers help themselves up and decide to go to the room that O'Donnell has provided for him. Their actions puzzle the bar owner.

San Francisco:

Burt tells them that his stone is but a fragment of a larger stone and explains it's origin: In ancient times in the land of Gehenna, perverse acts of evil were the rule of the day and the people there worshiped their leader the man-demon known as Ba'al, who would encourage them to commit their heinous acts -- chief among those the drinking of blood. Ba'al was eventually killed by a man known as the Hand of God, a legendary warrior. Ba'al would live on as his evil essence would be transferred into the Gehenna Stone, created by his followers. However, the Hand of God would come and break the stone into fragments and scatter them across the globe.

Burt goes on to tell them that archaeologists began finding pieces of the stone, and for the most part believed the legend of the Gehenna Stone to be nothing more than a myth. When Burt heard that the stones were slowly being stolen over the course of the last two years, he used his money and influence to get on the board of directors of the San Francisco Museum of Antiques so that he could switch their chunk of the stone with a fake one so that he could protect it. When the others ask Burt how he learned of the plot to reassemble the Gehenna Stone, he tells them that he just knew. He finishes by telling them that he believes that someone claiming to be the descendant of Ba'al is the mastermind behind the plot to reassemble the stone. As they speed off to the airport, Patch asks to see the stone and they are all surprised as Burt becomes excessively possessive about the stone and refuses to let it go. They carry on to the airport, unaware that Ba'al and his minions are waiting for them.


Sleep isn't easy for Larry and Garry who begin to bicker with one another over the stone. They eventually get into a fight over it which ends with the two twin brothers -- once a tight-knit team -- stab each other with knives.

San Francisco:

Patch and the others arrive at the airport to find that Ba'al and his army of vampires are waiting for them there. Patch orders them to go to the plane while he holds off their attackers. However, they are soon swarmed. In the scuffle, one of Ba'al's followers manages to knock out Burt and steal his fragment of the Gehenna Stone. As things rage on, Ba'al makes his presence known and Patch instantly attacks him. Furious that someone has the nerve to attack him, Ba'al's superior mystical powers and strength catch Patch off guard and he is easily beaten. Growing tired of battle, Ba'al orders his men to flee so that they might continue their search for the remaining fragments and escape by plane. In the aftermath of the battle, Burt becomes frantic to get his portion of the stone back. Archie knocks him out with a punch. Patch convinces him that they have to go after Ba'al and his followers to prevent him from reassembling the stone. They all run to Archie's plane to chase after them.


O'Donnell is sitting quietly watching the patrons in his bar when suddenly blood drops down from the floor above and onto his table. Going to investigate, he finds Larry and Garry dead on the floor -- stabbed to death by their own knives -- and their fragment of the Gehenna Stone laying in a puddle of blood.

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