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Quote1.png I don't have the ultimate power yet, little man, but I will, and then... not even the Hand of God will stop me. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Four of Six - Flying Wolves"

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Synopsis for "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Four of Six - Flying Wolves"

In the Air:

Patch, Archie, Burt, and Jessica Drew are flying after an airplane piloted by Ba'al and his followers who are making their getaway with fragments of the Gehenna Stone. As they close in, Logan reflects on their trip to San Francisco that led to their clash with Ba'al and his minions. He then goes in the back to get a more appropriate outfit from his luggage.


At the Princess Bar, Police Chief Tai and Lindsay McCabe are on the scene as the Madripoor police take out the bodies of Larry and Garry, twins who killed themselves over possession of a fragment of the Gehenna Stone. When O'Donnell shows the stone to Tai and McCabe, he refuses to relinquish it. While Tai is not interested in it and leaves, McCabe is mesmerized by it and asks to see it again. O'Donnell tells her to come back later, much later, and he will show it to her.

In the Air:

Jessica Drew's thoughts are of what Lindsay might be up to back in Madripoor. She also begins to wonder about her secret employment through Prince Baran and his desire for her to keep close tabs on Patch. Her thoughts are interrupted when a follower of Ba'al pops out of the side door of his plane with a machine gun and starts firing at Archie's plane. Jessica jumps out of Archie's craft and lands on the roof of Ba'al's in an attempt to stop the shooter. She is able to cling to the roof thanks to her remaining spider-powers. At this point Logan, having changed into his Wolverine costume, comes out from the back of the plane. He is filled in on what's going on. Wolverine jumps out of the plane and clings onto Ba'al's thanks to his claws. After disarming the vampire shooting at them, Jessica reveals to Logan that she saw right through his Patch disguise all along.

Wolverine knocks two of the shooters out of the way of the doorway and enters Ba'al's plane and begins brawling with his followers. He is shortly joined by Jessica, who was knocked out of the plane but managed to grab hold outside. Witnessing this, Archie flies his plane above Ba'al's while Burt drops down a rope ladder to try and help her. This doesn't go as planned as some of Ba'al's followers grab the rope ladder and begin climbing up to Archie's plane.


O'Donnell is in his bedroom gazing at the portion of the Gehenna Stone when there is a knock at the door. Answering it he finds Lindsay McCabe is there. She tells him that she must see the stone. He tells her that she can look at it tomorrow. She takes off her coat to reveal that she is wearing nothing but a nightgown underneath. She insists that he lets her hold the stone. He tells her that it all depends on how nicely she asks and the two embrace in a kiss.

In the Air:

As Wolverine continues to battle his way through the plane, Ba'al uses the partially reassembled Gehenna Stone to transform one of his followers into a bestial form and turns him loose on Logan. Wolverine finds this creature more than a match, However as they battle on, one of the creatures wild punches strikes the back of the head of the pilot, crushing his skull and killing him instantly. With the plane about to go down, Wolverine is caught in a bear hug. He manages to get free by ramming his claws into the plane's electrical panel. This gets the creature off him long enough to use his claws to cut a hole up to the roof and go to Jessica's aid. With Burt having fought off the vampires who attempted to board their ship (sending them falling to their deaths), Archie swings the plane around as Wolverine and Jessica jump off Ba'al's crashing aircraft. They manage to grab hold of Archie's rope ladder and get away safely as the plane crashes into the ocean seemingly killing Ba'al and his followers. As he watches the plane explode Wolverine witnesses the flames form into the face of Ba'al. In his mind Logan hears Ba'al mocking him and telling him that he is not defeated and this time not even the Hand of God can stop him from reforming the Gehenna stone.


O'Donnell and Lindsay's lovemaking is cut short when suddenly armed soldiers burst into their room. They are lead by Johann, Prince Baran's aid, who tells them that the prince has learned that they have something that he wants right away.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Cover art: colours by Nowlan per comment on original art ("send to Nowlan for coloring").[1]
  • This is the first issue of the series in which Logan wears his Wolverine costume.

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