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Continuity Notes

  • According to this issue, Weapon X Program was commissioned by Department H. This statement does not contradict Wolverine (Vol. 2) #50, where it was stated that Weapon X was a joint program commissioned by both Canadian Government and American C.I.A., but indeed contradict Deadpool and Death Annual #1998, where it was revealed that the Canadian Government branch which Weapon X had ties with was Department K. Trying to avoid retcons, it was later stated that Department K's mission, in that period of time, was to use Weapon X Program to produce super-soldiers who would be recruited by Department H.[1]
    • Logan's procedure has been a little different from the standards: since Logan had served as a C.I.A. agent in Team X, it was the U.S. iteration of Weapon X which experimented on him, rather than the Canadian Department K. This is also confusing because the U.S. Weapon X Program, led by The Professor, operated in a Department K Facility in Canada, and not in the United States.[2]

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