Quote1.png You'll recover. But if you have kids, they'll be stupid. Quote2.png
-- Logan, commenting on O'Donnell being kicked in the crotch.

Appearing in "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Five of Six - Homecoming"

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Synopsis for "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Five of Six - Homecoming"

Following their battle with Ba'al over the Pacific Ocean, Wolverine and his comrades have returned to Madripoor. Wolverine has taken to stalking the rooftops when he finds Police Chief Tai and his men hassling Lindsay McCabe, having become affected by the Gehenna Stone's influence. Tai has come to McCabe seeking the fragment that was in the possession of O'Donnell. Wolverine cuts in and easily beats up the police officers and disarms Tai while Lindsay makes her escape. Not recognizing Logan as Patch, Tai warns Wolverine that he's a dead man as the mutant flees the scene.

Deciding to switch back to his Patch identity, Logan pays a visit to the Princess Bar, uncertain of what the whole altercation was about. He has a hunch that it might have something to do with the Gehenna Stone. He walks in on O'Donnell and Lindsay just as the two are coming to blows in a heated argument over recollecting the fragment of the stone that was taken from them by Prince Baran's men. Logan stops the fight from escalating further. However, Lindsay gets a moment to knee O'Donnell in the groin before storming off and revealing that she too knew that Patch was Wolverine. Much more to his irritation he finds out that O'Donnell knows as well. However he reflects back on his flight back to Madripoor with Jessica Drew and how she didn't mention she knew he was really Wolverine because someone with his temper and claws would be the last one to tell that you've seen through his flimsy disguise. As Logan and O'Donnell sit down to discuss things Archie bursts in screaming at Logan about how Burt has stormed off since they have arrived in Madripoor. However, Logan has him calm down (you can't argue with his claws after all) and listen to O'Donnell's story.

Elsewhere in Madripoor, Burt is wandering around wondering if running off on his brother was such a smart idea when much to his surprise he witnesses followers of Ba'al grab a Lowtown prostitute in order to make a blood sacrifice to their master. The problem is they also spotted Burt.

Back at the Princess Bar, O'Donnell tells Logan and Archie about how he claimed a strange gem from two men who had killed themselves in one of the rooms above the bar. He and Lindsay became entranced by it and in a moment of passion they were interrupted by Johann and the prince's soldiers who came to claim the stone. O'Donnell was be forced to hand it over. However once it was in Johann's possession he pulled out a gun and threatened to kill Lindsay if they didn't give him back the stone. Calling him on it, Johann and his men left the room, and although O'Donnell literally meant it, he didn't shoot her when they left. O'Donnell's story is interrupted when suddenly Tai and his officers storm the Princess Bar, also coming to seek the fragment of the Gehenna Stone.

Out on the streets, the vampire followers of Ba'al find that Burt Corrigan is not exactly a defenseless victim. He surprises them when he pulls out a whip and begins fighting them off. He soon becomes overpowered but is saved by Jessica Drew who has been tailing him the whole time. She guns down most of the vampires but one manages to escape. Recognizing them as followers of Ba'al, Jessica and Burt follow.

The altercation at the Princess Bar meanwhile, has turned into an all-out brawl between Logan, O'Donnell, Archie, and the police. Ultimately, the fight is stopped when Logan pins Tai to the wall and threatens to kill him if the fight continues. Logan then has them all compare notes and realizes that O'Donnell, Tai, and Lindsay were all in the proximity of a fragment of the Gehenna Stone and that it's influence had made them all become violently possessive of the object. Realizing it is now in the hands of the most powerful man in Madripoor, they all decide to go and seek out Prince Baran.

Meanwhile, Jessica has tracked the lone member of Ba'al's minions to the Prince's palace. Thinking him to be an intruder, Jessica uses her credentials and ties to the Prince to get an audience with him. She is invited in by Johann and brought to the prince. Before she can tell him about the "intruder" she is shocked to find and be introduced to the Prince's guest: Ba'al.

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