Quote1 We've knocked noggins enough for you to know that trying to figure me out is like trying to predict the migrating habits of Africanized bees! Quote2
-- Deadpool

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Synopsis for "All Along the Watchtower"

Wolverine has just taken down Reckless Eric, a member of the group known as Scourge. The rest of the group, Pigskin, Vance Rebus, Deadeye Dick, Mega Max, Mini Max. In front of them is their leader, Deadpool. Deadpool says that he's there to collect the large bounty on Wolverine's head. Wolverine and Deadpool square off, and then attack each other. They duke it out, and in the midst of the brawl, Wolverine asks Deadpool why he wants to fight him, since last time they met, they parted mostly as friends.[1] Deadpool replies that things change, and he kicks Wolverine in the face. Deadppol pulls out wo shivs, and begins wielding them, and he manages to stab Wolverine in the chest. Wolverine's healing factor makes up for the wound, and he tackles the mercenary and pops his claws. Deadpool kicks him off of him, and punches him in the face again. Wolverine tackles him again, and receives a knee to the stomach. The two knock each other backward, and Deadpool pulls out two tranquilizer guns and empty the clips into the mutant. Wolverine slips into unconsciousness, and Deadpoo and his team take Wolverine away. As he goes under, Wolverine remembers the vents that led to this unfortunate scenario.

Wolverine was in a bar enjoying a drink talking with the bartender, Leon. A prostitute named Janine hits on Wolverine, and the whole scene is watched by Deadpool and the Scourge members from a truck outside. Wolverine assaults the bartender, realizing that he's been set up, and Janine pulls out two guns and shoots up the bar trying to kill Wolverine. Wolverine jumps out the window, and the bar blows up. He dons his costume outside, where he runs into Reckless Eric.

In the present, Wolverine wakes up, and fights back, and he quickly defeats his captors. He turns to see their leader, Administrator, who marvels at Wolverine's abilities. He tells Wolverine that he'll make him experience unimaginable pain if he doesn't cooperate. Inside the building, called the Watchtower, Deadpool observes the unconscious Siryn in a life support tank. Deadpool promises Siryn that they'll make her better, as they promised him that.[2] Meanwhile, Administrator ha sWolverine imprisoned in a containment cell. Suddenly, a group of people teleport into Wolverine's cell and take out the guards. They are Geronimo Crowe, Cargo, Hardwire, and Shooter.

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  • Dance of death with Deadpool!


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