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Quote1.png You see, centuries ago, it took nothing less than the Hand of God to stop me. But that was in the days of miracles. And those days are as dead as the creator who was responsible for them. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Six of Six - Electric Warriors"

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Synopsis for "The Gehenna Stone Affair!: Part Six of Six - Electric Warriors"

As Patch, O'Donnell, Archie Corrigan and Police Chief Tai head to the palace of Prince Baran to try and take back the fragment of the Gehenna Stone from him, they are attacked by the vampire minions of Ba'al. They easily dispatch their attackers, however in the confusion Logan slips away from them to pursue things on his own, as his friends note his disappearance and decide to go on their own, Logan doffs his Patch guise and changes into Wolverine.

As he travels to the palace in stealth, within the palace Jessica Drew tries to convince Prince Baran that Ba'al is the embodiment of evil and that he intends to use the completed Gehenna Stone -- once having completed his transaction purchasing the final fragment from the prince himself -- to take over the world. The prince scoffs at this idea and points out that he can't be that evil if he's come to buy the fragment off of him. Ba'al then offers to sweeten the pot with the offer of immortality. As Burt begins tracking Jessica back to the prince's castle, the prince decides to mull over both Ba'al's offer and Jessica's warning and tells Ba'al to come back tomorrow. Furious at having to wait longer, Ba'al warns Baran to make up his mind now or never. Not liking his visitors tone, Baran orders his guards to remove him. A full out battle takes place when Ba'al refuses to leave without the fragments and kills Johann with his bare hands. The soldiers firepower and Jessica's remaining spider-powers prove too little to stop Ba'al, who easily shrugs off the bullets and begins fighting back. By this point, Wolverine has reached the castle and hears the battle inside and begins scaling the walls to get in.

As Burt nearly runs down O'Donnell and the others while speeding to the palace in a jeep, Wolverine bursts in on an army of Ba'al's followers, he fights through them and frees Jessica. They rush to the Prince Baran's room where the prince has failed to stop Ba'al from obtaining the final fragment and reassembling the Gehenna Stone. With the stone completed its power transforms him into an even more demonic form and he uses his newly restored powers to transform his minions into true vampires. Wolverine, Jessica, and Baran fight through the minions of Ba'al to get to their master and Wolverine locks in battle with him. As the two clash, Ba'al implies that Wolverine might be the reincarnation of the Hand of God, the being who slew him many thousand years ago. Wolverine proves to be no match for Ba'al until Burt Corrigan arrives and uses his whip to knock the Gehenna stone from the monsters hands.

Wolverine dives for it, but Ba'al manages to recover the stone and use its power against the feral mutant. Wolverine manages to resist the onslaught and manage the strength to shatter the stone once more with his adamantium claws. His powers weakened, Ba'al is stunned long enough for Logan to land a killing blow, impaling his claws into Ba'al's chest. The resulting strike causes an explosion that blasts open a hole in the wall of the castle and Wolverine forces Ba'al out sending them both falling to the water below. O'Donnell and the others arrive just in time to see Baran's guards taking away Ba'al's followers (now back in human form now that the Gehenna Stone was destroyed). Archie notices that his brother Burt is missing among the crowd. While not far on the beach below, Wolverine pulls himself to shore and almost passes out on the beach. To his surprise, Ba'al rises from the water as well and lurches to shore. However, he doesn't fare as well as Wolverine had and falls down dead. Convinced that Ba'al is defeated, Wolverine forces himself up and leaves the beach.

Later, back in his Patch guise, Logan meets up with is friends at the Princess Bar. He explains to Archie that the reason the stone can't be reassembled and has no power was because it was shattered before Ba'al was killed and that his essence couldn't return to the shattered globe. With all the chaos over, Jessica and Archie wonder why the Gehenna Stone had no effect on Wolverine and Jessica wonders if he might not be the reincarnation of the Hand of God. Logan dismisses this notion and orders another drink, and when Archie wonders where his brother is Logan tells him not to worry, that Burt may be crazy but since he was able to handle his own against vampires and demons he should be fine on his own.

Meanwhile, at an undisclosed casino, Burt is doing just fine winning at a hand of cards. When one of the patrons of the casino asks him who he is, he introduces himself as James Bond.


  • Ba'al survives his apparent death in this issue and appears next in Blaze #3.
  • Although it is never outright stated, it is heavily implied that Wolverine is either a descendant or the reincarnation of an ancient warrior known as the Hand of God. It was the Hand of God that first slew Ba'al and destroyed the Gehenna Stone, scattering its fragments to the four corners of the globe.

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