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Appearing in "The Hunted Part 1"

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Other Characters:

  • Trish Tilby (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only)




Synopsis for "The Hunted Part 1"

Drexel Walsh watches a news report about a mysterious death, and realizes that it is connected to "them". He decides that he will go public with his knowledge. But the phone is dead, and despite his bodyguard's assurances, he sees that all of the security on the building has been struck dead. Suddenly, Logan bursts into the room, takes a few bullets from the bodyguard, then slashes both men to death with his claws...

Waking up in a cold sweat, Logan worries what the dream meant, and if it is connected to the recent brainwashing by Apocalypse. He goes for a drive to clear his head, only to be accosted by a shadow that jumps onto the roof of the car. After some defensive driving, Logan is sheepish to discover it is his team-mate Beast, who knows he is having trouble sleeping and wants to talk to him about it. When Logan tries to leave, Beast says he will beat it out of him. Logan's amusement is short-lived, as Beast's agility and strength make him a canny foe, but when Logan responds by instinctively clawing at his friend, he realizes that he has a problem.

On a bad street in Los Angeles, Sabretooth is accosted by a gang of street toughs. Giving them a lecture about the necessity for predators in an ecosystem to know their place, he tears one of the leader's arms off. Making his way to the address he was given, he asks the person who meets him what the job is about. The man insists that this is no temporary hiring, and that he will be working for them now. Sabretooth prepares to kill his interviewer, but something about their face shocks him long enough for the room to fill with knockout gas. Allies of the interviewer enter the room, and their plan to "improve" Sabretooth can now begin in earnest.

At a diner, Wolverine tells Beast (using an image inducer to blend in) about the dreams of Drexel Walsh, and his fears of what they mean. Suddenly, the television in the diner starts showing security footage related to a murder - US Senator Drexel Walsh - and the killer is Logan!


  • During the interview, Sabretooth says his rates have gone up, as he was implicated in the death of a Presidential candidate. This alludes to the then-recent death of Senator Robert Kelly. A Brotherhood of Evil Mutants squad including Sabretooth did try to kill Kelly that day, but the deed was done by someone else. Sabretooth is presumably playing on his own legend here.

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