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Synopsis for "The Hunted Part 2"

Now the subject of a nationwide manhunt, Logan has gone to ground, shaving off his distinctive haircut... but Beast has insisted on coming along, and his use of the image inducer to pretend to be various celebrities while they remain in their room gets on Logan's nerves. Logan admits that his temper is short because he thinks there is the killer, if the brainwashing that turned him into the Horseman of Death has reactivated, or sparked off some different piece of prior brainwashing to make him do this. Beast tries to comfort him, insisting that he is convinced of Logan's innocence.

At a S.H.I.E.L.D. base, Nick Fury arrives, insisting that he be given the lead role in the Logan manhunt. However, Executive Director Sharon Carter tells him that she has been ordered not to let that happen, as the President thinks he is too close to Wolverine. She is assigning the case instead to hotshot new agent Brent Jackson. Jackson makes derogatory comments about Fury and Logan, but brags that he can get the job done. Fury leaves the room with Dum-Dum Dugan. As Dugan tries to calm him down, Fury says he is sure Jackson means to kill Logan, and so he means to hire the bounty hunter they call "the Shiver Man". This worries Dugan: no spy agency is quite sure what the Shiver Man's powers and origins are, but they know he has a fixation on punishing the guilty and avenging the innocent, and if Logan did commit the murder, it will be dicey.

Elsewhere, Maverick breaks into a spy computer network and digs into Walsh's past. He discovers that a noticeable chunk of Walsh's past is sealed and top secret. He inform Wolverine.

Wolverine then receives a message from someone calling themselves "a friend", that the answer to the mystery lies in Logan's own past. Puzzled, Logan and Beast are interrupted by the Shiver Man, but manage to drive him off when Logan cuts the man's arm off.

Returning to the safehouse, the pair find a note that smells like Nick Fury that tells them to be at a certain location. Arriving, they are greeted by Fury - but Logan cuts his head off, revealing him to be a new model LMD with scent generators. Brent Jackson an a host of S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers emerge and hold the duo at gunpoint.


  • Logan mentions the Beast needs to wear the image inducer as his mutation is more noticeable.

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