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Quote1.png Right. I would say potato, but it's too viscous, too thin. The lumps make me suggest rice, but it's too irregular. Which begs the question: when did our fine nation's penal system decide to start serving mucus? Quote2.png
Hank McCoy

Appearing in "The Hunted Part 3"

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Synopsis for "The Hunted Part 3"

After getting caught by Brent Jackson, Hank and Wolverine have been sent to prison. Here, they have to fight the Wrecking Crew, but the warden arrives and breaks up the fight. As he departs, the warden makes his distaste for Wolverine apparent.

This gets Wolverine thinking about the prison: The Cage, the latest super-jail. Built on the site of a 17th century French jail, rendered invisible by cloaking mechanisms, and nigh-inescapable. The inmates are mind-wiped on their way out to prevent break-ins, and a power-damping field keeps the super-criminals manageable.

This skews the power-structure of the inmates slightly, away from out-and-out superhumans like the Wrecking Crew in favor of men like the Kangaroo. Of course, prison still has gangs: the Skulls, a white supremacist gang composed of Red Skull minions; the Brothers, the prison's black gang; the Cruisers, a group of sexual predators; and the Maggia. And all four gangs have contributed to a pot for the man who kills Hank and Wolverine, as they are super heroes.

As they make it back to their cell, Wolverine & Beast find a threatening graffito. Beast critiques it's misspelling, But Wolverine notices a note taped to the bed. In it, Maverick says he is trying to work out the angles of the case on the outside. Wolverine wonders how Maverick is getting notes into a prison that is this classified.

In Los Angeles, the process that Sabretooth was subjected has ended. Standing in a room in front of the scientists responsible, Sabretooth tries to murder them... only to fall to the floor. The scientists explain that they have put restraining implants in his brain.

Back in the Cage, Wolverine and Beast are discussing the food in the cafeteria when they are approached by Peepers, one of the only other mutants in the prison. A victim of electroshock therapy, Peepers is useless in a gang and looking for protection. The two welcome him to their table.

Suddenly, a note is dropped on the table; it is from Maverick. Wolverine is shocked by the appearance of the note, and starts looking around wildly. This draws the attention of the other inmates, and after some verbal sparring between Wolverine and Aryan, a poorly-judged sneak attack ends in a full-scale riot between the Skulls and the Brothers. The guards arrive to break it up, and Wolverine is shipped off to solitary in "The Hole".

In the aftermath, the warden chews out Reb Tillis in front of the other guards and says it was his responsibility to keep Wolverine from being a problem, and tells him to "fix it". But Wolverine cannot die at the hands of a guard, and he cannot be the focus of a deal with the prisoners; as a result of previous graft, the Maggia dons eat better than the warden. Reb takes the verbal abuse, then leads his underling, Axel, into a secluded part of the prison. In an area that was part of the colonial French prison that was exposed by an earthquake, he shows Axel a man dressed in 18th century clothes, apparently healthy but frozen in place. He is the one who will kill the Wolverine.

In solitary, Wolverine ponders the note. He also waits in fear: without him for protection, Hank is in danger...

Out in the exercise yard, two men pick a fight with Hank and Peepers. An athletic man rushes to their aid, then shivs Hank for the bounty. As Hank blacks out, Peepers stands over him, helpless.


  • Humorously, Wolverine tries to impress by noting that Axe was last seen fighting the New Warriors "a ways back"; it was actually the New Mutants. This lapse can be justified by the simple fact that Axe is not one of Wolverine's many sworn arch-nemeses, so Wolverine's sole iteration with him would be through law enforcement databases. And that cuts into valuable drinking time.

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