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Quote1.png M'sieur Carcajou, let me tell you a secret. I know that these men have no intention of letting me go. They think themselves in control. But they have no idea... of my unique powers... or the means by which I acquire them... Quote2.png
Mauvais, just before gouging out Wolverine's eyeball and eating it

Appearing in "The Hunted Part 4"

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Synopsis for "The Hunted Part 4"

In the cellars of the Cage, Reb Tillis and Axel, two guards, are looking on in horrified awe at an 18th century man whose body has survived into the present day. Reb Tillis rattles off everything he knows: how the prison was built on top of an older French prison which presumably contained this man; how the Cage's technology has trouble dealing with inmates whose powers are magical, so this Frenchman should be fine; and how the only other man who knows about him died in a prison riot. Axel goes to touch the Frenchman, who instantly snaps out of stasis and tries to kill the young man. After a standoff between Tillis and the Frenchman - who introduces himself as "Mauvais" - an agreement is reached: Wolverine's death in exchange for Mauvais' freedom.

In New York, Dr Strange is snapped out of meditation by a warning from a spell cast by a previous Sorcerer Supreme. A warning of an evil even he might not be able to stop.

In the Hole, Wolverine is bitter about his life. The things that were done to him to turn him into a murderer, and the things he did consequently. It seems his life is gloom and misery - but he is suddenly visited by Peepers, who is bringing him his food, as well as the unfortunate news that Beast was stabbed in the gut and is in critical condition at the infirmary. Realizing that Beast might be killed - after all, the prisoners have a death pool to find out who kills him - Peepers vows to help Beast, leaving Wolverine to be horrified.

At the infirmary, two guards are on the door of the room containing the injured Beast. Making their anti-mutant and anti-convict sentiments clear, they nevertheless voice the wish that someone would put the injured prisoner out of his misery. So, when a "medic" with noticeable prison tattoos and a barely-concealed embarrassed expression enters the room, they relax.

At the Hole, Wolverine receives a note from the mysterious "a friend", which explains the link between the murder of Drexel Walsh and a series of other recent high-profile deaths. Wolverine instantly understands what it means - but he is knocked out before he can verbalize it.

Wolverine wakes up in a small room with Mauvais, who cheerfully informs him that he is about to die.

In the infirmary, the "medic" brings out a shiv and starts monologuing to the near-comatose Beast. Before he can kill him, however, he is knocked down by Peepers, who grabs the shiv and tries to brandish it threateningly. The "medic" laughs and says that if Peepers has the shiv it is only because no-one has taken it off him. He demands the shiv - and Peepers, one-time member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, gives him the shiv multiple times in the stomach. The frenetic stabbing rallies Beast, who tries to tell the tearful Peepers that he doesn't have to kill - but another man enters the infirmary, and commends Peepers for his actions. Both Beast and Peepers, upon seeing the newcomer, are certain they are going to die.

Elsewhere, Reb & Axel prepare their weapons. The plan is in motion: Mavais kills Wolverine, they kill Mauvais, and this whole mess gets swept under the rug. However, Mauvais knows of the plot, and as he eats Wolverine's flesh, he recharges his mystical abilities, gaining the power to teleport away. The two guards burst into the room, cursing that they didn't know he was a wizard. Trying to cover the whole matter up, Reb goes to shoot Wolverine in the eye - only for both guards to be suddenly murdered by the newcomer from the infirmary: Sabretooth, who is here to bust Logan out


  • Upon learning Mauvais' preferred name, Wolverine immediately translates the word from French as "evil", which is not quite accurate. However, potential translations include "wrong", "intending to harm" and "of an evil fate", all of which are... fitting, to say the least.

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