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Synopsis for "Stay Alive Part 2"

In the Canadian arctic, the sorcerer Mauvais has killed and eaten a bunch of people, leading to a showdown with both Wolverine and Wendigo. He is unable to fight both of them at the same time, but Wendigo attacks Wolverine, giving Mauvais some time. Mauvais ambushes Wendigo, biting into his neck, which saps his power. Wolverine tries to seperate the two, but Mauvais keeps generating obstacles.

In Japan, Lady Deathstrike is in a Shinto temple burning incense, when she is attacked by Yakuza mobsters. She slaughters the mobsters, as Sabretooth watches.

In the arctic, Mauvais cuts open Wendigo's chest with a magically-summoned sword, cuts the beast's heart out and eats it. Wolverine, who has been attacked by trees, thrown from a great height and buried in snow, recovers just in time to see the gloating Mauvais gain Wendigo's power from the ritual. Seemingly unbeatable, he is then attacked by Alpha Flight.

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