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Appearing in "The Logan Files Epilogue"

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Synopsis for "The Logan Files Epilogue"

In the afterlife, Logan meets a redhead who takes him through a number of experiences in his life. Logan believes her to be Jean Grey, though she avoids confirmation of such. The redhead proceeds to point out to him that, in his life, he chose to either lash out or withdraw. She then leads him through a door where he can achieve happiness. Before he can start his journey, however, he is approached by Lord Shingen, Cyber and a number of other dead villains. Logan chooses to attack them, much to the redhead’s displeasure, and is assisted in his ordeal by Peter Rasputin, Colossus, who greets him warmly. Eventually, Colossus and the villains disappear before his eyes and the redhead tells him that, as a result of his choice, he has lost his chance at happiness. As she goes, she adds that she is not Jean, prompting Logan to ask her who she is, but it's too late, Logan's soul finally returns to his body and he's left once again with more questions than answers. Now alive, Logan escapes his bodybag, kills the Weapon X agents transporting him and makes his way back to the X-Mansion. There, he is visited by Amiko, who was healed by the Weapon X program as a sign of good faith. Content for the time being, Logan goes to enjoy some time with his foster daughter.

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