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Synopsis for "All at Sea"

Continued from last issue....

Immediately upon boarding Geist's ship, Wolverine is attacked by the cyborg's many henchmen. However, none of them truly are a match for the clawed mutant as he cuts and tears through them with ease. Finally Geist himself appears on the deck above Wolverine and mocks him for wearing the disguise of a dead man (Geist is obviously still under the impression that the X-Men are all dead). Impressed, Geist allows Wolverine to follow him to where Roughouse is being held captive.

Upon entering the room Wolverine stands before a completely bald and scarred Roughouse. As it turns out the screams of pain and torture Wolverine heard before boarding the ship were not linked to physical pain but rather Roughouse's reluctance to lose his hair. Geist also reveals that he has put Roughouse into a stupor by giving him the cocaine he had reacquired from Prince Baran in Madripoor.

Angry, Wolverine grabs a hold of Geist and demands answers - stating that while Roughouse may be an enemy - he is worth more than being subject to twisted experiments. Geist gladly gives him the answers he wants explaining that he's on a mission from President Felix Guillermo Caridad of Tierra Verde. Sometime ago, Tierra Verde provided proving grounds for an American super-soldier experiment code named Nuke. Impressed, Caridad wanted to create his own super-hero for Tierra Verde and sent Geist to work on different serums and chemical compositions. One of these experiments was with the drugs that Hammer Cody had taken prior to his violent rampage (explained in the previous issue).

Refusing to listen to anymore of Geist's explanation, Wolverine stops him and breaks Roughouse free from his restraints - throwing him over his shoulder. Before he can make an escape though Roughouse awakens in a fit of rage and attacks him. Under the influence of Geist's drug Roughouse is even more stronger and faster than before - easily overcoming Wolverine quite a few times. Eventually, Wolverine has no other choice but to use his claws, but before he can even get a slice in Geist hits him with a tranquilizer and lets Roughouse throw him around a few more times before putting him down as well.

With the ship quiet again a helicopter arrives and lands carrying General Coy. The General meets with Geist and pays him for a dose of the same altered cocaine which Roughouse had been subjected to. After Coy leaves, Prince Baran then arrives and pays for the nearly unconscious body of Wolverine. Taking off in a sea plane, the Prince drops Wolverine out of the plane and into the ocean off in the distance.

Alone, Geist reflects on the current situation and revels in the fact that now he has a worthy subject, who has survived the initial testing, to undergo more experiments and tests.

Meanwhile in Tierra Verde, Caridad sits on his yacht. After receiving a massage from a nun (Sister Salvation), Caridad tries to convince her to come with him to the capital and share her "talent for healing". We learn then that the nun was in fact Caridad's wife who left him for the church after he became corrupt. Pressing the issue, Caridad tells her that he needs her to complete a miracle that has come to Tierra Verde - however she still refuses to leave the village she attends to, demanding she be let ashore. When Caridad's yacht begins to leave the village, the nun raves at Caridad till the convent behind them suddenly explodes.

The issue closes somewhere in the Pacific as Archie Corrigan flies over the ocean - Tyger and O'Donnell below on a boat. Coming to a stop, O'Donnell reaches into the water and pulls a severely beaten but still alive Wolverine out of the water. In the last frame Wolverine weakly tells O'Donnell and Tyger that there's one thing left to do: invade Tierra Verde.

This story is continued next issue...

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