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Synopsis for "Heroes & Villains"

Continued from last issue....

Logan arrives in Tierra Verde in a most peculiar way: walking straight out of the ocean and up the coast into the capital city. When he gets to the docks, a brutal fight is already in progress between La Bandera and Tiger Shark. When it looks as though La Bandera has won, Tiger Shark surprises her and is about finish her when Wolverine attacks him from behind. His suit cut open and losing water - Tiger Shark flees into the ocean and disappears.

After the fight Wolverine and La Bandera walk through the streets of the city. Wolverine learns that La Bandera has come to Tierra Verde from Miami, Florida to put a stop to the drug trafficking which had destroyed her family in the past. In the process, La Bandera had become a symbol of hope for the suppressed lower class of Tierra Verde. Despite her seemingly noble cause, Wolverine urges her to leave the city now - sending her off.

As he passes by a bar, Wolverine spots an old friend from back in his Canadian Intelligence days - Jack Bascomb. Bascomb tells him about the "questionable" upbringings of La Bandera (her father being in the inner circle of Fidel Castro in Cuba) and warns him to stay out of things he hasn't been involved in for a long time. Bascomb then abruptly leaves in a taxi.

Meanwhile in New York City, Kingpin speaks to President Caridad on a television screen. Caridad raves about Kingpin sending the villain Tiger Shark into his country to kill La Bandera. Not to be troubled with Caridad, Kingpin ends the conversation quickly - more concerned about keeping a hold of his Miami drug trafficking ring than the needs of a Central American leader. Kingpin leaves the room and enters another where Dr. Doom, Magneto, and Red Skull stand, waiting for him.

Back in Puerto Verde, Caridad complains to Geist about Kingpin, the fighting between La Bandera and Tiger Shark, his mission to find a hero for his country, and how his wife (Sister Salvation) still refuses to see him. Overwhelmed, Caridad complains further about a migraine - wishing to help, Geist suggests that the President allow himself to be shaved by him. Caridad agrees and while being shaved listens to the reports of his research team.

The research team explains that the cocaine which is causing the super-human effects is coming from a certain area called El Jardin Del Rey - a mountainside found in many legends that claim it had been bombarded by falling stars, and had been the place where a deity had fallen in battle. However, outside of legend the scientists cannot find a reasonable explanation for the cocaine's effects.

All done, Caridad leaves Geist and the room. Suddenly, Wolverine comes crashing through the window and throws Geist against the wall. Before he has time to grab a hold of a gun, Geist's hand is smashed by Wolverine who demands that he take him to Roughouse.

Elsewhere, Caridad tries to convince his ex-wife Sister Salvation to assist him in his experimentation with Roughouse. Now, after a significant amount of testing, Roughouse has started to break out in sores. However, he's still alive and grows stronger with every does of cocaine he's given.

Suddenly, an explosion rocks the entire place and La Bandera appears with a mass of civilians armed and ready to fight.

Meanwhile, Wolverine and Geist travel through an underground tunnel system - attempting to get to the hospital where Roughouse is being held. Along the way Wolverine explains what he now knows about Geist: that he was one of Adolf Hitler's main advisers, survived war crimes by working with the American OSS to defect German rocket scientists, and how he worked with some of the more shadier American CIA missions and projects.

As the two enter the lower levels of the hospital they can hear La Bandera's attack. Supposedly, she had discovered that the hospital was being used to experiment on political prisoners. Moments later, Tiger Shark emerges from the water below the catwalk Wolverine stands on and pulls him into the water. As the two fight under the surface, Geist reveals that he was the one who leaked the information about the hospital and political prisoners to draw out La Bandera for Tiger Shark.

Running out of air, Wolverine makes for a pipeline underwater - hoping that the pipe ends before his air does. The pipe empties out into the ocean, but before Wolverine can get to the surface Tiger Shark has him again.

This story is continued next issue...

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