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Continued from last issue...

Wolverine is dreaming that he is a beast walking along a frozen expanse until he is approached by a vision of Mariko Yashida who raises a sword to strike him dead. However when the killing blow is landed Wolverine reverts to human form and Mariko Yashida changes into Sister Salvation, the woman who betrayed him to President Felix Caridad.

Wolverine wakes up to pain, as he is being put through a round of torture by Caridad and Geist. However, despite the hours of torture Logan doesn't scream and eventually Caridad decides to attend to other duties. Going outside to his military training camp, he is confronted by his ex-wife Sister Salvation who demands that he makes good on his promise to bring her to their son Paolo. He shows her her son for the first time in five years -- now a grown man -- whom Caridad is training to be an effective soldier.

Elsewhere in the camp, Wolverine is locked up in a cell with Roughouse (who is chained up and suspended from the ceiling). Roughouse tells Logan that they used sticks against him and confides in his former enemy that he was abused as a child and that's what made him an angry adult, but that Sister Salvations healing touch not only cured him of Caridad's cocaine but also of his inner anger. Wolverine tells him that he should try and find it anyway if they are going to get out of captivity alive and explains to him the cocaine is tainted by an evil Deviant creature called Spore, and that if Spore is revived there will be no Celestials this time to stop him.

Back with Geist, Caridad reflects on the story that Wolverine told of the threat of Spore's influence in the cocaine and expresses his desire to give up on creating a superhero for his country and burn the crop. Geist, not wishing to give up on this endeavor suggests that a monster can be destroyed because they have Sister Salvation on their side. Outside Sister Salvation hears from her son that he is not happy to be a soldier and only does it to make his father happy. They are called into Caridad's bunker unaware that someone is killing the guards around the base. Inside, Caridad tells his son that he intends to make him a hero as Geist loads up a dart gun loaded with the Spore tainted cocaine.

In the cell, Wolverine goads Roughouse to use his strength to break free of his bonds, and he manages to do so when he hears Sister Salvation screaming. After Wolverine is freed they storm out of the cell to find the prison deserted. Recovering his costume, Wolverine and Roughouse go outside to find all the guards have been killed by arrows. Rushing into Caridad's bunker they find that Sister Salvation is fighting with her husband upon learning that he intends to inject his son with the tainted cocaine.

Geist attempts to shoot the boy with the drugs anyway when Wolverine and Roughouse burst through. Wolverine deflects the darts with his claws. When it turns out that they were redirected at Caridad, he stumbles toward his wife asking her to heal him but she refuses. Geist tries to escape by jumping out of the hole in the bunker cut by Wolverine and lands right in the middle of La Bandera's attack on the base with her amassed rebels and the local natives, who easily overpower Caridad's military.

Inside the bunker Caridad begins to feel Spore spreading through his body and and convinced that he is strong enough to become a superhero himself shocks everyone when he turns his own dart gun on himself and unloads it into his stomach injecting himself with even more of the drug. Caridad's body is soon consumed by Spore who is now reborn. As he begins to grow, La Bandera and her rebels break into the bunker and Spore turns his attention on them. Wolverine orders them to flee as he grabs a flamethrower. Attempting to set Spore ablaze appears to be a false hope as the creature shrugs off the flames and then envelopes Wolverine in its body mass.

This story is continued next issue...

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