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Continued from last issue...

Through the infected body of President Caridad, Spore lives again and is now growing at a monumental rate. This Deviant living weapon is bent on consuming every living thing on the planet and now that it has attempted to consume Wolverine, the only thing that stands in its way is the young mutant cum revolutionary La Bandera. Before the creature can attack the girl Wolverine manages to break free and begins slicing into the creature while ordering everyone to get back -- telling Roughouse to take Sister Salvation with him.

When Sister Salvation refuses to go back, she convinces Logan that perhaps her healing touch can help them defeat the creature. Agreeing to give it a try, Wolverine and Bandera work together to incapacitate Spore long enough for Sister Salvation to get close. Sure enough as soon as she begins using her healing powers on Spore the creature beings to dissolve. She ultimately destroys Spore, but it comes at the cost of her hands being heavily burned and the loss of her healing powers. With the threat of Spore ended and the news of Caridad's death spreading the revolution everyone begins to part company. Roughouse decides to stay behind and help Sister Salvation rebuild her mission and help her in treating her son Paolo heal from the poisons injected in him by Geist.

Logan decides to pay Geist a personal visit himself. He tracks him down to the mansion he was stationed in at the capital city of Tierra Verde. There he confronts Geist and informs him that he burned all his papers, money, and remaining cocaine supply and informed the locals of Caridad's death. Wolverine then uses his claws to slice up Geist's cybernetic body suit and leaves the withered old man to be taken away by medics and be made Tierra Verde's first political prisoner.

Later, Logan learns that Geist was released and ushered out of the country and is angry that the new government allowed this to happen. He confronts them and they only wash it off as an extradition matter causing Wolverine to storm out angrily. Bandera follows him and Logan warns her that this is the sort of thing she will have to watch out for in the future and wishes her luck in defending her people. On his way out of town he is confronted by CIA agent Jack Bascomb. Logan learns that Geist was their informant and the CIA was involved in the whole operation to remove Caridad from power, finding his cocaine dealings embarrassing to American interests. The fact that the CIA would work with an ex-Nazi disgusts Logan, but Bascomb leaves him with some parting advice, that sometimes there are worse enemies than your old enemies.

Returning to Madripoor, Logan breaks into the home of General Coy and finds one single sample of Caridad's tainted cocaine crop. He then captures Coy and also Prince Baran and takes them down into the sewers of Madripoor. There he explains to them the danger of the cocaine and figures out that Coy knew this and intended to use it on his rival Tyger Tiger in the hopes that she might go mad and kill Prince Baran. After destroying the final sample of the cocaine, he then tells the Prince and Coy to run for it as he will hunt them through the sewers. Both men flee, but Wolverine doesn't follow after them, satisfied with the idea of them crawling out of the sewers covered in filth. Instead, Wolverine returns to Australia to be reunited with his fellow X-Men, his family.

Geist meanwhile arrives in Washington D.C. to the safe house provided to him by the United States government. There he is confronted by Magneto, who has been tipped off about Geist's location. Magneto explains that he is a mutant master of magnetism and that Geist used to work in the concentration camp during World War II that saw the death of his wife.[1] He offers to "speak" to Geist about it in private.

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  1. This is an inaccuracy given that Magneto was in Auschwitz as a teenager and didn't meet his wife until much later. She died after the war. It was Magneto's family that were killed by the Nazis, but that was before Auschwitz. This is all information that was revealed years after this issue was printed.
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