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  • Ganif and his child thieves
    • Aldo
    • Rose
    • Rashi




Synopsis for "Snow Blind"

An assassin named the Snow Queen has come to Madripoor on a job; her specialty is using is a silenced pistol. As she is preparing for her job she notes that a group of poor street children are out begging in the streets outside her room. As she goes out on her job, the children swarm her hoping to get spare change. One desperate little boy named Aldo snatches her briefcase and runs off little knowing that it is carrying a bomb. The Snow Queen shoots at the boy hoping to scare him into stopping, but the kid continues to flee even when she threatens to kill one of the other children. Realizing a hostage is useless, the Snow Queen lets the girl go and chases after Aldo. The little girl tries to get help and the only one who will listen is Patch who happens to be strolling through Lowtown.

The boy finds a hiding place meanwhile and opens the briefcase and finds money, the bomb and a photograph of a man inside. Thinking the bomb to be a radio, the boy accidentally arms it, and thinks it's broken. He begins to flee again when the Snow Queen gets close. Patch tries to stop her, but when he touches her something causes his senses to get scrambled and she manages to get away.

Logan goes to a bar for a drink and explains the story to the bartender (who turns out to be the intended victim of Snow Queen's hit). The bartender suggests that Patch seek out a man named Ganif, who is the leader of the street urchins, as he could be a help to tracking the child down. While Logan goes to follow this lead, the Snow Queen threatens to kill a "blind" girl named Rose and forces her to show all the hiding places where Aldo could be holed out in the hopes of recovering her briefcase.

Patch meanwhile pays a visit to Ganif's based of operations and convinces him to help by showing his claws and telling them that he could have easily killed them all. Realizing Logan's good intentions Ganif agrees to help and provide him with a piece of clothing owned by Aldo so that Logan can track his scent. The Snow Queen meanwhile has tracked Aldo and chases him up to a roof top, leaving Rose behind. Before she can get the briefcase from the boy, Logan gets in the middle of the fight. As they battle, Patch doesn't fare very well as her ability to scramble his senses gives her the upper hand.

During the altercation Rose runs up the stairs and is struck by a stray bullet, grazing her arm. She stumbles off the roof and clings for dear life screaming for Aldo to save her. Distracted by the girls screams, the Snow Queen lowers her guard enough for Logan to destroy her silencer pistol but she renews her attack, knocking him aside. She confronts Aldo and demands that he hand over the briefcase. Aldo gives it up so that he can save Rose and the Snow Queen escapes.

Having saved Rose, Aldo and Logan patch up her gunshot wound as the Snow Queen gets to safety. She opens her briefcase and is horrified that the bomb has been activated and there is only a single second remaining. The briefcase explodes killing her in the blast.

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  1. The person that the Snow Queen would be hired to assassinate could possibly be O'Donnell. Although the character in this issue resembles him, his name is not outright said and his hair is colored differently, red instead of blonde
  2. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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