Appearing in "Heir Aid"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Piggot

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Morrow
  • Morrow's goons
    • Loo
    • Polly
    • Rebecca
  • Gabriel Morrow




Synopsis for "Heir Aid"

Patch travels to Wharfside of Madripoor's Lowtown, one of the worst parts of the sprawling kingdom. He has been called here by man named Morrow, whom he owes a favor. Patch is reluctant to cash out this favor to participate in Morrow's final hit on rival gangster Piggot. Morrow however has other ideas for Patch: Namely protecting his son Gabriel, should Piggot target Morrow's home. After allaying Gabriel's fears that something bad is going to happen, and telling Logan he only need watch the boy, Morrow and his men go out to eliminate Piggot once and for all.

Standing watch next to the boy's bed, Logan is asked to tell a story. At first he is stuck to come up with one. However he eventually recalls one: It is a story about a young boy named Logan who was exiled from his people into the Canadian wilderness in the dead of winter for being a coward. As he wandered in the frozen land he came upon a pack of wolverines that had come to attack and kill a buck. The animals noticing young Logan, would come to the boy with concern, not hunger and take him in as one of their own. With the pack of wolverines Logan would learn how to survive, how to fight off their predators, hunt and kill on his own, and save the wolverines from hunters' traps. Soon his activities caught the attention of some traveling fur trappers from one of Canada's larger cities. They would capture young Logan and bind him in a cage and begin slaughtering his adopted family of wolverines. Logan would break free from his bonds and help the surviving wolverines kill their attackers, a battle that would end in victory. It was on this day that young Logan learned what true courage was.

Finishing his story, Logan concludes that your size doesn't matter as long as you have guts. With his senses detecting someone breaking into the house, Logan leaves Gabriel to investigate and warns his minders to stay hidden. Sure enough, Patch catches someone breaking in through one of the upstairs windows armed with a gun. Extracting his adamantium claws, Logan easily slays the intruder and then hears two more. Rushing back to Gabriel's room he spots two men threatening the boy with knives. He kills them easily as well.

Just then Morrow and his men have retreated back to his home with Piggot's men following behind, picking off Morrow's men easily. Logan orders the women to take Gabriel to safety and enters the fray. Ultimately they are overpowered and Morrow is put at gunpoint just as Piggot arrives. With Piggot about to kill Morrow with his sword, young Gabriel rushes out and rams a serving cart into Piggot's back knocking him out. Before one of Piggot's goons can shoot the kid from behind he is killed by Patch.

With the fight over and Piggot sent away knowing who is truly in charge of the Wharfside crime scene, the police arrive and take statements but arrest nobody. Patch leaves the scene knowing that Morrow's boy will grow up to be a tough ruler of the Wharfside, someone whom Logan could only hope to be in charge of the place.

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