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Synopsis for "Memory Of Peace"

Japan, the home of Bando Saburo, six days ago:

Logan has arrived at the home of Bando Saburo to find a group of thugs just coming out. He pops his claws and attacks, easily overpowering and killing them all, since none of them were prepared for his superior speed, agility and his near bullet-proof nature thanks to his combination of mutant healing factor and adamantium-laced skeleton.

Madripoor, the present:

Patch has called upon high-ranking crime lord Gene Claymore to play a game of cards. Claymore, hearing stories of Patch's card-playing prowess has accepted the challenge and has offered up anything in his private collection. Logan has interest in only one thing: An ancient Japanese tea bowl of unique design.

Japan, many years ago:

Before Logan was experimented on by the Weapon X program, he had come to Japan to seek spiritual healing and would become a visitor to Bando Saburo who would invite Logan in as a friend. One day while preparing to drink some tea Logan would take notice of the very same bowl, to which Saburo would explain was the treasure of his family's clan. Created centuries ago by a Master as a gift to one of Bando's ancestors who was renown in Japan for his tea making skills, the bowl is priceless. He then points out that his nephew Masaki Weston has come to visit. He tells Logan that he and his wife could not have children and have taken in Weston as a son of sorts, naming them as the beneficiary of their estate in the event of both their deaths.

Madripoor, the present:

Logan continues playing his game with Claymore, upping the stakes so that the rich crime boss ups the stakes triple or nothing. Logan plays on the man's pride until he wins, and agrees to let Logan take whatever he wants. Logan recalls back to that night in Japan six days previously when he returned to the home of Bando Saburo to find him and his wife dead and the bowl stolen. Logan asks for two things: the bowl, and the name of the man who provided it to him. Angry about this, Claymore orders his men into the room and tells Logan that the man who gave him the bowl was Masaki Weston and then charges at him. Patch insulting his gambling ability and steps out of the way sending Claymore smashing through the window of his high rise home and falling to his death on the ground below. With their leader dead, Logan points out to the hired thugs that they were no longer paid thugs the moment their boss hit the pavement, and surprisingly the men drop their weapons and allow Patch to leave unmolested.

With Masaki living in Madripoor's south end, Patch pays him a visit and catches him just about as he is about to commit seppuku out of shame of killing his aunt and uncle over a simple piece of pottery. Logan confronts him and calls him a coward, and shows him letters from Bando that told that he was dying of stomach cancer and that in three weeks to a month he would have died and since Masaki was the heir to the estate he would have had the bowl without murdering his relatives and all their servants out of simple greed.

Logan gives him the opportunity to die like a man, but is attacked by Masaki's butler, with Masaki joining the attempt to murder Logan, the feral mutant is forced to kill them both. With two more people dead over the ancestral bowl, Logan is about to smash it into bits when he remembers that it was Bando's treasure.

Japan, the present:

Logan visits the grave of Bando to pay his respects, he leaves the bowl on the grave so that it may remain with Bando for all time. Logan then turns and leaves, leaving the serenity of the cemetery to return to the hell that is the world he lives in.


  • Series resumes being printed twice a month starting this issue.

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