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Synopsis for "The Lazarus Project Part 2 The Stranger"

Continued from last issue...

Struck with amnesia following his battle with Pinocchio and Dr. Page in Prince Baran's palace Wolverine finds himself washed upon the shore of the island village of Rumika not knowing who he is or why he is where he is. He comes across some locals who are net fishing near the shore. They are trying to figure out how to deal with each other when the water is suddenly visited by a shark. The predator grabs on of the fishing nets threatening to pull one of the young fishermen under the water and drown him. Troubled by his lack of memory, Logan rushes to his aid, and saves him from being drowned. Having rescued the young fisherman wins their friendship and Logan is invited to stay in their village until he regains his memory. Wolverine wonders to himself what point his existence is if he can't remember his past.

Taken into the village, Wolverine is introduced to the village elder, who believes that Logan is not one of the attackers that they were informed would come looking for the Master Form. He is welcomed with open arms and is provided with a cabin owned by the elder to stay in until his mind heals. Over many days Logan finds comfort in staying in Rumika and becomes well liked among its people and youth. While his days are peaceful and full of joy, his nights are plagued with nightmares that reveal fragments of his life before his amnesia, in particular his battle with the Pinnochio robot and danger to Rumika. One evening, outside of the village Captain Merrick and one of his mercenaries, Target, watch over the town. Target is worried about leaving the Master Form in the village below them. However, Captain Merrick explains that keeping the Master Form here in this small town is their best chance of keeping it away from those who would seek to obtain it.

In Madripoor the following day, Karma begins to snoop into her uncle General Coy's affairs and learns that he is intending to have mercenaries wipe out the town of Rumika in order to claim the Master Form. Horrified by this revelation, she decides to get involved and attempt to stop the slaughter.

In Rumika, some hunters ask Logan to join them in their hunt, but he declines to teach one of the children how to make pinwheels. As the hunters forge into the wilderness, Wolverine's senses picks up mercenaries. He tries to help them. He arrives too late and they are gunned down before his eyes. Furious at watching the innocent people who brought him in get mowed down, Wolverine attacks and is gunned down himself. Arriving herself, Karma overhears the gunshots and witnesses the slaughter as it happens. The mercenaries are killing men, women, and children all over the village in order to get the Master Form. Watching two children flee the scene, Karma likens them to her lost twin siblings and uses her powers to make them play dead, and watches helplessly as the rest of the village is slaughtered. When the children she willed to go to sleep begin stirring and making noise they are also gunned down in cold blood.

This is witnessed by Wolverine who has revived. In a berserker fury, he attacks the mercenaries killing them all. Knocking out one of the men who Karma put under her control to prevent him from shooting Logan gives Karma's presence away. Karma explains to Wolverine that she had come to stop the mercenaries and he vaguely remembers them. When Captain Merrick and Target arrive on the scene of the slaughter, Wolverine recognizes Merrick's scent on the mercenaries and realizes that he sold out the people in the village and caused their slaughter. Realizing this, Target is furious and he shoots Merrick dead. With Karma seizing the Master Form, the trio agree to seek out answers to learn what the secret behind the Master Form is. Logan looks at the bodies of the two dead children and as he sheds a tear for them he remembers who he is: Wolverine.

This story is continued next issue....

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