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Synopsis for "The Lazarus Project Part 3: The Road Back"

Continued from last issue...

The entire village of Rumika has been slaughtered trying to protect the Master Form from the clutches of General Coy and the masterminds behind the Lazarus Project. Wolverine, Target, and Karma gather all the bodies of the fallen and put them in one giant funeral pyre and set it ablaze and pay their respects to the dead.

With the bodies burning, Wolverine turns his attention to Target and demands to know his name. The two almost come to blows due to their mutually aggressive behaviors until Karma gets between them. With a fight averted, the trio introduce themselves and Wolverine reflects back on the turn of events that brought him to this point. He recalls his associates in Madripoor and his enemies, and how when investigating clues that General Coy and Prince Baran were working on something from a beaten Jessica Drew, he clashed with a robot named Pinnochio and was doused with a chemical by its creator Dr. Page. Falling into the water, he would turn up in Rumika with amnesia and live among its people. He would then fail to stop the people's slaughter by mercenaries in the employ of Target's former boss Captain Merrick, having come to seek the Master Form.

The trio palaver over how they came to be in the situation they were in. Karma tells Logan that she had been present as her uncle, Prince Baran, and a man named Broker Andover were discussing utilizing the Master Form, and when she learned that her father had found its hidden location and intended to slay the people who lived in Rumika to obtain the power source, she vowed to stop him but arrived too late.

Logan then turns to Target and asks him to tell his story and his part in the events that are currently unfolding. Target tells them that he came into contact with the Master Form many years ago when he was a young boy. His father was a scientist that was entrusted with keeping the Master Form safe, left in his care by Captain Merrick. Much later when a milita group came seeking the Master Form, Target's father would send him and his cousin Ted to safety with the Master Form while he held the attackers at bay. Their suburban home would then be rocked by an explosion, killing both of of his parents. After the ensuing chaos, Target and his cousin would be confronted by Captain Merrick who would take them in and train them to be soldiers so that they too could defend the Master Form from the forces that would seek to exploit it.

With Target's story finished, he is somber and Karma attempts to comfort him. Things are cut short when they are attacked by more militants. With Karma distracting them by offering the Master Form, Logan and Target manage to ambush them killing them with ease. With the soldiers of fortune dead, Karma insists that they are properly buried as well. With that task done, Logan decides that the Master Form would be safest if left in the ruins of the dead city of Rumika. They decide that it's time they get some answers in the only place where they'll find them: Madripoor.

This story is continued next issue...

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