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This story is continued from last issue...

In the palace of Prince Baran, Broker Andover compliments Dr. Page on her repairs on Pinocchio. Page credits its creation on the information provided by Broker and the Lazarus Project -- it is their most fruitful experiment in the project. Just then, two of Andover's men burst in and report that everyone in the village of Rumika and the mercenaries who were sent to collect the Master Form have been killed and buried and that the Master Form itself has been abandoned. Fearing dicovery of their involvement in the slaughter, Andover orders his men to leave things as is and tells them to focus on Patch, whom he has learned is really Wolverine -- the mutant hero thought to be dead[1].

As Logan, Karma, and Target head back to Madripoor, Target thinks back to his training under Captain Merrick with his cousin Rick. They hit shore and travel to the Prince's palace where Karma uses her powers to take hold of a soldier. General Coy is told about the loss of the Master Form and the slaughter at Rumika. He is furious at the loss of his money on this operation when he is told that one of the soldiers has captured Wolverine and some others. However, as it turns out, the soldier is under Karma's control and this is all a ruse to try and sneak into Dr. Page's lab. When a soldier stops them they have to break cover and fight their way into the lab. There Wolverine and his friends confront Page and Broker who have just finished repairing and upgrading Pinocchio.

In the ensuing battle, General Coy is told that Prince Baran has retreated to his summer home until he's "sorted matters out". Coy becomes furious when he sees his niece working with Target and Wolverine. He calsl her out for working with his enemies. Karma angrily chastises him for ordering the elimination of an entire town. Wolverine's battle with Pinocchio has gone in the favor of the feral mutant who knocks what he thinks is a robot to the ground. However, when it attempts to scan Target, Dr. Page tries to stop it. However, this is too late and Pinocchio looks at Target and tells him that he "throws like a girl", a taunt that Target's cousin Rick used to say to him all the time. Attempting to stop Pinocchio, Dr. Page is instead knocked out by Wolverine. When Logan attempts to fight the robot again, Target stops him realizing that his cousin is inside the robot somehow.

When he approaches Pinocchio the cyborg's programming takes over and attacks him. However Karma finds that her powers work against Pinocchio just like a normal human. They learn that Target's hunch is right. Within Pinocchio's body resides the mind of his cousin Rick. As Target and Rick are reunited, General Coy orders Dr. Page to take Pinocchio back under control. Before Page can push a button that will destroy all the organics within Pinnochio's body, Wolverine knocks Page out. Surprised that he didn't kill the doctor, Karma stops Wolverine from doing so to her uncle. Logan respects her wishes. Karma then tells her criminal uncle that her debts to him are paid and that if he arms another innocent in Madripoor again, she will personally deal with him.

Wolverine then goes to look for the other members of the Lazarus Project, and finds what appears to be a mutual suicide from the other benefactors. Leaving the carrion filled room, Wolverine fails to notice that Broker Andover had only faked his death and is now radioing for a helicopter to take him away. In the aftermath of the battle, an aid of Prince Baran tells General Coy that the prince expects him to pay for all the costs in the failed Lazarus Project. Meanwhile, Target and Rick begin looking through the lab to find information on what exactly was done to Rick. With this caper over, Wolverine looks aver the scene before him and although he considers this a victory, he is quick to remember that it came at the cost of the extermination of an entire village of people.

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  1. Logan and the X-Men were considered to be dead circa Uncanny X-Men #221

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