Quote1 As the son of the Silver Samurai, you are the sole heir to Clan Yashida. Even if I were to kill you, let's say, by stuffing you full of flesh-eating beetles. I would still have a problem. I would still have a war to wage against the Yakuza for full control of the Japanese underworld. Quote2
-- Azuma Gōda

Appearing in "Back In Japan (Part 2)"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Mind Ninjas




  • Motorcycles

Synopsis for "Back In Japan (Part 2)"

Chapter Eight: Just Another Day In Japan Wolverine and Sabretooth fight eachother. Meanwhile, Silver Samurai (Shin), attempts to rescue Amiko. The Hand and Yakuza fight each other.

Chapter Nine: Ladies and Gentlemen...The All-New Silver Samurai Wolverine and Silver Samurai (Shin) fight against each other. Wolverine then rescues Amiko and Sabretooth kidnaps (Shin).

Chapter Ten: Ninjas = 1. Yakuza = 0. Sabretooth vanishes with Silver Samurai (Shin), and Wolverine rescues Amiko.

Chapter Eleven: Ninja in a Coma Logan confronts Mamoru Tsuruoka, and he eventually tells Logan where the Hand hide in the darkness of caves.

Chapter Twelve: In the Clutches of the Hand In the cave of Mind Ninjas, Azuma Goda, attempts to kill Shin by placing flesh-eating beetles inside him. Wolverine and Yukio discover the cave, and Amiko is in the shadows. Meanwhile, Sabretooth and Mystique are ready to fight Wolverine.

To Be Continued...

Solicit Synopsis

• The new Silver Samurai faces Wolverine! • The war between The Hand and the Yakuza threatens all of Tokyo • One of Wolverine’s fiercest foes returns to make matters even worse!


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