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Azuma Gōda
Who are the scariest villains in the world?
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Me, for one. Maybe Dr. Doom. That big purple guy who eats planets.
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Azuma Gōda
Wrong. The scariest villains are the ones you've never heard of. The ones who live solely in the shadows. Whose names you never read in the papers. Faces you never see. But who control and exploit every single facet of your life, from your mother's teat to your sleep with the maggots.
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Appearing in "Back In Japan (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Back In Japan (Part 4)"

Chapter Seventeen: No More Ninjas. Disguised as a ninja, Wolverine infiltrates the Hand and seemingly kills them. Meanwhile, Azuma Goda talks to Sabretooth about his new transformed to be army, and that the world’s scariest villains are the ones with no faces and you hardly ever he of them.

Chapter Eighteen: Forgive Me Father. At a meeting Shingen Harada, is laughed at, so he kills the members of the meeting, and one of the men transform back into Mystique.

Chapter Nineteen: The Day I Became Invisible. Azuma Goda talks to Sabretooth about his plans, to become invisible, and that involves being killed. Elsewhere, Azuma Goda is shot in the head, by Lord Deathstrike, however, Azuma Goda, quickly revives and transforms into Mystique and the two battle. Meanwhile, Azuma Goda & Sabretooth fight about how Wolverine knows of his location. Sabretooth secretly told Wolverine.

Chapter Twenty: Subtitle in Japanese! At the Clan Yoshida Compound, Amiko & Shingen battle. Amiko’s mother Yukio shows up to help her. Meanwhile, Wolverine shows up and kills Azuma Goda. Lord Deathstrike, Mystique & Sabretooth join forces, and after killing some people Sabretooth becomes the invisible king of all Asia. In New York, Melita Garner is sent the pictures that Mystique took and she is shocked. Before, Wolverine leaves Japan, he and his foster daughter Amiko, along with Yukio, check out a bank robbery in Shibuya.

Solicit Synopsis

• Logan, Yukio and Amiko Invade The Secret Cave Headquarters Of The Hand To Save The Silver Samurai • The Big Finale Of The Hand/Yakuza War! • The Puppetmaster Is Finally Revealed • This Ending Will Forever Change The Landscape For Wolverine In Japan

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