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Quote1.png MMM. That's some good Wolverine. Good enough for now at least. Quote2.png
Dog Logan

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Synopsis for "One More Round"

In Madripoor, Lowtown, Sabretooth is having a party to celebrate his newfound powers, and yet everyone there wants a piece of him. Dr. Rot tries to get into the party, but can't. Lady Deathstrike is even invited along with her brother Lord Deathstrike, however before they enter the party they kill the driver and blow up his car.

Meanwhile in New York City, Maverick wants to off himself with a gun, but Wolverine (Logan) convinces him otherwise, and to do his job by having him locate Sabretooth's party. Also, Melita Garner becomes one of Seraph's Angels, and teams up with Lynx and Cassie Lathrop.

Somewhere in the Pacific, Kade Kilgore finds what's left of Strikeforce X, and tells the three remaining members that he can take only two of them. He also offs the CEO of Blackguard.

In the Canadian wilderness, Dog Logan takes a dead wolverine (animal) back to his cabin and eats it saying: "MMM. That's some good Wolverine. Good enough for now at least." (While, in back of him is wall covered in clippings of Wolverine and his new school for mutants).

In, Tokyo, Japan, Amiko goes out to kick some butt, but her mother tells her she needs to work on her body shots.

The Black Cavern. In Hell, Thomas Logan tells his grandchildren that this is where all Logan's go when they die.

San Francisco, below the streets of Chinatown. Fat Cobra, becomes the new Black Dragon.

Later, Wolverine (Logan) arrives at Sabretooth's party making a cutting entrance in seemingly killing or hurting his enemies from the past once again, and even Logan tells Sabretooth "Happy Birthday, from your old pal Wolverine." Then Logan leaves and finds himself the nearest bar and sits down and drinks a cold one.

Solicit Synopsis

• Final Issue In Jason Aaron's Acclaimed Run! • The Tables Turn As Wolverine Comes After Sabretooth • Guest-Starring Mystique And A Host Of Marvel Universe Villains


  • Daken (Wolverine's son) was killed in Daken: Dark Wolverine Vol 1 23
  • Wild Child appears in this issue, but he died in Wolverine: Origins Vol 1 39

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